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5 things you missed at Vision Expo East


Check out the latest industry trends and new products announced at Vision Expo East 2017.


New York-Vision Expo East has come to a close, but Optometry Times has you covered with things you may have missed while taking in a Broadway show, strolling through Times Square, or exploring Manhattan.

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Check out the latest industry trends and new products announced at Vision Expo East 2017.   

Click here to see the 5 things you missed at Vision Expo East 2017


LensFerry S adds online patient enrollment to website

LensFerry S, the contact lens subscription service from EyeCare Prime a CooperVision company, has added an option for online patient enrollment. Wearers can now sign up and order their lenses from any connected device.

“Adding online enrollment gives patients the chance to sign up from their phones or laptops-something they’ve come to expect in a subscription economy,” says said Mark Lindsey, global general manager at EyeCare Prime. “This post-exam digital touchpoint should help eyecare professionals to keep contact lens sales and revenue within their practices.”

The enhanced functionality joins the existing in-practice enrollment option. Staff can now enter patients into the system following an on-site exam or appointment, or-with the new feature-enter a patient’s information and prescription later, then trigger an email to the patient with contact lens product and pricing details. From there, patients can confirm their interest and enroll in a matter of seconds.

LensFerry S is available to all eyecare practices in the United States.

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Costa announces new eyewear collections

Costa announced the launch of its OCEARCH limited edition sunglasses for 2017. The collection is in partnership with OCEARCH, a group of explorers and scientists who are dedicated to generating previously unattainable data on the movement, biology, and health of sharks.

“The OCEARCH limited edition sunglasses designed by our friends at Costa are a great way to celebrate the beauty and importance of sharks in our oceans,” said Founding Chairman and Expedition Leader Chris Fischer, OCEARCH.

The collection features three new styles: Half Moon, Remora, and Rincon. The styles include new lens development combining Costas 580P grey base lens with a silver mirror finish. These three sunglass styles embody the coast, and eight Costa styles with a look that mirrors the hues and patterns found on sharks.

The Costa OCEARCH limited edition collection styles range in retail from $149 to $249. The styles will be available in May on Costa’s website and at authorized retailers.

In related news, Costa will release nine new frame styles in the Costa Optical Collection for prescription eyeglass wearers, updating the look and feel of the Bimini Road, Mariana Trench, and Ocean Ridge styles.

“We are very excited to release the new Costa Optical frame styles-particularly because of our use of the lightweight and durable material Monel-and the unique ways we’ve combined acetate and Monel for a product line that is both high quality and high value,” says Holly Rush, CEO, Costa. “The Costa Optical collection provides eyecare professionals with options that are both affordable and stylish for prescription wearers who love the ‘Born on the Water’ look of our sunglasses.”

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The three new Bimini Road styles now feature Monel, which provides a more affordable option than titanium. These durable, lightweight frames are hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant, and a great lifestyle choice great for casual sport and everyday moments. 

The four new Mariana Trench styles feature a combination of acetate and Monel in innovative color patterns such as Tokyo Tortoise and Seashell Tortoise. The pieces are designed with acetate pieces, ocean-inspired, and unisex. 

The Ocean Ridge collection features lightweight, sport frames made from bio-based resin nylon. The material is sustainable and strong, allowing the frames to hold their shape in extreme hot and cold weather, and the trifusion frame technology results in interesting color combinations.


PogoTec introduces PogoLoop

PogoTec launched PogoLoop, a proprietary adapter that allows almost all eyewear to attach to PogoCam, a small, light attachable eyewear camera. Users are able to attach PogoCam to their current eyeglass frame or to other new eyeglass frames not equipped with PogoTrack.

“PogoLoop is a proprietary innovation permitting consumers to upgrade their glasses in less than 60 seconds to support wearable technology,” says Ron Blum, PogoTec founder and CEO. “PogoLoop has been designed to make 90 percent or more of all eyewear frame styles electronic wearable device ready.”

Various size PogoLoops will be included in retail packages of PogoCam. PogoLoop can be attached to the right or left temple of most frames with the exception of thin, wire frames that do not allow for a secure connection.

PogoLoop will be available in a free adapter kit with purchase of PogoCam, which will be available later this year at eyecare practitioner offices, optical stores, big box, and specialty stores.

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Transitions releases product availability guide

Transitions Optical released its 2017 Transitions Lenses Product Availability Guide which outlines the availability of Transitions photochromic technology by design, material, and lens caster partner. The guide is also designed to help eyecare professionals decide which Transitions lenses best suits their patients’ needs.

The Product Availability Guide includes information on the Transitions family of brands including usage, color options, behind-the-windshield activation, polarization, protection and more. It also gives an overview of Transitions adaptive sunwear products.

The Transitions lenses 2017 Product Availability Guide can be downloaded online at TransitionsPRO.com.

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ActiveLink unveils new marketing software for ECPs

ActiveLink debuted its new software, ActiveLink Optical, which uses email marketing and facial recognition to engage patients in “trying on” new frames anywhere without being in their eyecare practitioner’s (ECPs) practice. The software aims to improve doctor/patient relationships while increasing revenue for the OD.

ActiveLink Optical makes eyewear recommendations based on facial shape and characteristics and adjusts those recommendations based on patient feedback. Eyecare professionals receive a lead report and analytics from ActiveLink to identify patients who are interested in new frames and provide information on frame preference trends.

"We were pleased to be part of the trial for ActiveLink Optical because we feel like it set our practice apart,” says John Wimbish, OD, of Allen Eye Associates in Allen, TX. “We were also glad to see an increase in revenue and the ability to educate patients about new technologies before they come in for their annual exam."

ActiveLink employed a 13-month trial program with Dr. Wimbish’s practice in which it saw a 9.6 percent increase in eyewear sales for ActiveLink vs. a control group of same-provider patients.

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