The Role of Miotic Agents in the Management of Presbyopia

October 31st 2022

Eyecare professionals examine the emerging role of miotic agents as promising treatment options for the management of patients with presbyopia.

Remote Monitoring Centers for Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration

September 30th 2021

A review of how remote monitoring centers can be used to manage patients with dry AMD, and information on billing code updates for remote monitoring centers.

Exploring the Management of Dry Eye

April 30th 2021

A panel of ophthalmologists and optometrists discuss the significance of addressing dry eye disease using various types of treatment strategies, including pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic options.

Updates: Diabetic macular edema and diabetic retinopathy

December 1st 2020

A panel of experts in ophthalmology and optometry review the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic eye disease including emerging agents in the field.

Advancements in dry eye managment

November 18th 2020

Marguerite McDonald, MD, Eric Donnenfeld, MD, Tracy Swartz, OD, MS, FAAO, and Crystal Brimer, OD, FAAO, discuss a number of topics pertaining to dry eye, including the diagnosis and clinical manifestations, traditional, treatment options, and the potential new agents in the horizon.

Branded vs generics: You make the call in dry eye

December 17th 2019

The ViewPoints Series is an interactive learning module featuring leading industry experts from across the eyecare spectrum. The series leverages the various perspectives of panel participants to create a meaningful conversation on a range of eye health topics and issues related to current clinical data and industry trends.