AAOpt 2022: Bausch + Lomb enters the canine healthcare landscape with new Project Watson

Albert Swann share details about Bausch + Lomb's new healthcare product line for dogs: Project Watson.

Albert Swann shares about Baush + Lomb's new line of health care products for dogs, Project Watson, during the 2022 American Academy of Optometry Meeting held in San Diego.

Editor's note: This transcript has been edited for clarity.

I'm Albert Swann for Bausch and Lomb. I'm excited to share with you the launch of Project Watson, healthcare products for dogs.

Project Watson began 3 years ago in my search for eye care solutions for my rescue dog, Watson. And with that—and being a veteran of Bausch and Lomb for over 14 years—I looked internally at the eye health experts of Bausch and Lomb.

We've now developed 6 products to launch for the often overlooked areas of your dog's health: the eyes, the ears, and their overall well-being, with an eyewash an eye wipe, and eye supplements to help support eye health, especially as your dog ages.

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