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AAOpt 2023: A look into eSight's wearable technologies


Learn what's in the pipeline for eSight, as well as hear how their current technology helps patients.

Roland Mattern and Gary Foster caught up with Optometry Times during the 2023 American Academy of Optometry meeting in New Orleans to share what's new with eSight.

Video transcript

Editor's note: This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Roland Mattern:
Hi there, I'm Roland Mattern, Director of Sales Marketing for eSight.

Gary Foster:
I'm Gary Foster. I've been wearing eSight since 2015.

We're at AAO in New Orleans 2023, showcasing our wearable technologies simply designed for central vision loss and low vision patients. We are showcasing our eSight 4 product which is currently in the market. We're also getting a sneak peek to our visitors to eSight Go, which is our newest technology to launch next year. The eSight Go features a wider field of view and a slider. [It's] certainly more subtle in design, has better resolution monitors, better brightness, [and] easy navigate software. It's really a step up in all facets over current products. Gary, you've been wearing eSight, you mentioned, [since] 2015? What's your perspective been on what it's done for you?

Well, in my case, my acuity is 20/400. I'm legally blind, I have no central vision at all. But, when I wear eSight, I can read to the bottom of the eye chart, which absolutely blows my mind. Anybody that's familiar with macular degeneration will understand, but I say I can thread a needle with ease. That sounds like something that should be impossible. It actually gives me full central vision when I wear the eSight eyewear. I wear it in such a way that I can navigate looking underneath the eyewear with my peripheral vision. So, I'm always oriented wherever I am. When I need fine detail, I just look through the glasses and then I can see that, like a sign halfway down the room. I treat it like reverse bifocals. So, it's life changing. It gave me my independence back and they actually put me back to work.

Are there any hobbies that you couldn't do without eSight?

[I] pretty much couldn't do any hobbies. But now I do everything I ever did before, except drive a car. I mean, I'm a woodworker. But more than that, I start in the forest, I drop the tree. I can't take the tree to the mill, I have my own mill. I mill the wood and then they take the wood to my shop and then I build my projects. I could not do any of that if I didn't have eSight.

It's unbelievable. So our technology, the camera, and the monitors in our new eSight Go glasses really has [an] incredible impact on our wearers. [It] gives independence back, brings back their loved ones into their life as you recognize faces, or play cards, pursue hobbies, all the things that vision loss is taking away from them. So, come see us at eSight 2023 or online at esighteyewear.com and check out our latest tech.

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