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AOA 2023: Diving into new data on MiSight contact lenses for myopia management


At AOA Optometry's Meeting 2023, in Washington, DC, Justin Kwan, OD, FAAO, provides updates on the latest at CooperVision, including new data on MiSight myopia management contact lenses and information on their ortho-K software, Visavy.

Justin Kwan, OD, FAAO, caught us up with the latest at CooperVision as he outlined key findings from 20 scientific abstracts that they presented at the 2023 British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) Meeting.

Video transcript

Editor's note: this transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Justin Kwan, OD, FAAO:
So, CooperVision, we just came off with the BCLA meeting in the UK, Manchester specifically, and CooperVision is so proud to have presented 20 scientific abstracts presentations. It is one of the core values to be so evidence based in all that we do, learning so much from, not only our 7 year MiSight study, but beyond, and these kids that started at age eight to 12, that are now young adults.

So, I wanted to highlight a couple of those findings. First, is the quality of vision. I think there's this misperception that adults that were myopia control devices and optics, they don't see very clear. But, from a quality of vision standpoint, these young adults actually did very well and did not give up on their myopia control device, simply because the optics are what they are. So, they function very well.

We also found that in year 7 of the study, we intentionally took the subjects out of MiSight, the treatment was removed. Some of them actually got a little bit worse, but the vast majority did not have a rebound effect. So to treat them at the start of year 8, they were already right back into a reduced myopia progression rate, which is so great to see [at] all these ages. they're still getting the benefit that we desire, so that this disease doesn't keep getting worse.

Lastly, we have our ortho-K software based design called Visavy. [It's] so exciting that even with 20 plus years of CRT in the US marketplace, we continue to learn, improve and innovate. This typography-guided design can not only make you a beautiful lens, but the success rate is what doctors rely on and desire. We found [a] 97% success rate, and only two eyes that required another order to fine tune that fit. That really benefits patients, doctors, and staff alike, [and] makes for very happy patients. Those are some of the quick 3 hitting things from BCLA.

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