Classic, retro trending in eyewear this fall

What once was considered old is now new again as old styles are trending up in eyewear, says Joy Gibb, spokesperson for The Vision Council at Vision Expo East.

New York-What once was considered old is now new again as old styles are trending up in eyewear, says Joy Gibb, spokesperson for The Vision Council at Vision Expo East.

“We are seeing styles from the 80’s begin to make a comeback,” says Gibb. “Lots of overlays, geometric silhouettes, bright colors, and animal prints.”

Though these trends are great, Gibb cautions ODs about going all in with new, trendy frames before talking with their patients.

“Asking the right questions is the key to putting frames in your practice that are sellable to your clientele,” says Gibb. “If it doesn’t fit well for the patient, then it is not a good option regardless of the trend.”

But how are trends in eyewear set? Gibb says forecasters predict trends one to two years out.

Eyewear design inspiration is drawn from many different origins. Gibb says influencers such as Pinterest, fashion blogs, trade shows, art, architecture, and music all play a role in what drives eyewear trends up or down.

Here are the eyewear trends Gibb identifies as trending up for both men and women.

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Eyewear color trends

The fall collection of frames shows a variety of colors and prints. Gibbs says to expect to see bright colors for men and wild animal prints for women. She encourages ODs to have fun with their patients with these new, trendy styles.

“Do your patients want to look like everybody else?” she says. “Have fun with frames to help differentiate your patients from everybody else.”

Gibbs says women’s eyewear this fall will be dominated by:

• Lush greens

• All-over wild animal print

• Orangey reds

• Summer-infused aqua

• Calming lavenders

• Glossy neutrals

On the other hand, men’s eyewear color trends are set to feature bright and vibrant colors.

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Gibbs identifies the following color trends in men’s eyewear:

• Pops of unexpected pink

• Vibrant oranges and greens

• Red-toned and classic tortoise

• Heather greys

“These trends are great, but they won’t work for everybody,” Gibbs says.




Eyewear shaping trends

The style of eyewear seems to be taking a page out of the past. “Shapes and styles of eyewear is taking a classic form,” says Gibbs.

She says to expect women’s eyewear shapes to see a lot of:

• Exaggerated rounds

• Dramatic cat-eyes (heavy, dramatic, bling)

• Totally ‘80s teardrop and square aviators

• Geometric profiles and sporty renditions

“If you have a fashionista of a client, suggest she try fresh, modern shapes when it comes to her eyewear,” says Gibbs.

Men’s eyewear also seems to be trending towards a classic feel, too. Retro-themed eyewear is in the driver’s seat for men this fall. She identifies the following trends in men’s eyewear shapes:

• Retro-inspired and vintage wire rounds

• Classic Clubmasters

• Statement geometrics

• Re-invented shields and shrunken square shapes

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Frame detail trends

Lots of bling, leather, and bold brand logos will dominate men’s and women’s eyewear, says Gibbs.

She says women’s eyewear this fall will feature such detail as:

• Futuristic flat tops

• Pearl and jewel embellished fronts

• Scalloped detailing

• Bold brand logos and totally rimless silhouettes

“You will see more nameplates and recognition of brands on the frame sides,” says Gibbs.

For the men, Gibbs says their eyewear will be influenced by:

• Leather accessories

• Transparent effects

• Glitzy, glittery treatments plus elevated keyhole

• Classic double and multi-layered bridges

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Lens coloring trends

Lens tinting and effects will feature everything from tinted royal purples to neon and subtle colorations, says Gibbs.

She says women’s fall eyewear lens trends feature:

• Tinted lenses in royal purples

• Warm yellows and spring corals with gradient effects

• Golden overlays

• White trims and flash details

Men’s eyewear lenses seem to be trending to bright and sparkly. Gibbs says to expect to see men’s eyewear lenses to feature:

• Neon and subtle colorations

• Etched mirror effects

• Eye-catching sparkly properties and gradient detailing

Though these trends are what’s expected to captivate consumers this fall, Gibb says they must fit the brand’s existing culture.

“If trends don’t fit in to what a brand is already doing, then they probably won’t work in the long run,” she says.

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