Contact lens care product market continues to be dynamic


There have been a number of recent developments in contact lens care products, many of which were stimulated by the recent outbreaks of infectious keratitis associated with multipurpose care solutions.

In response to previous Fusarium and Acanthamoeba keratitis outbreaks, Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) discontinued production and recalled its Complete Moisture Plus product. AMO (now Abbott Medical Optics) then renamed an older formulation "Complete Multipurpose Easy Rub Formula," and revised its instructions for use.

The product is no longer no-rub and features steps that are more intensive than those for most other products. Instructions direct the lens wearer to wet the lens with at least three drops of the solution, rub for 10 seconds per side, and rinse for 5 seconds per side. The recommended disinfection time is 6 hours and that is to be followed by a 5-second rinse per side prior to insertion.

New names, new methods

Directions for using AQuify (CIBA Vision), which is formulated specifically for silicone hydrogel lenses, have also been revised so that it is also no longer a no-rub product. The care process involves a rub, rinse, and soaking period of 5 minutes to overnight.

Practitioners should also be aware that in July 2009, Bausch & Lomb changed the names of products in its care solution line and the packaging, but the solutions are still the same. "ReNu MultiPlus" is now "ReNu Fresh Lens Comfort," and "ReNu Multipurpose Solution" has become "ReNu Sensitive Eyes."

Alcon has reintroduced "Unique pH" as "OPTI-FREE GP" in response to popular demand, although availability of this product is somewhat limited. In addition to being sold through practitioners, OPTI-FREE GP can be purchased online ( and and was recently picked up by Wal-Mart.

Dr. Gromacki also reminded her colleagues that the Ultracare (AMO) product line has been split and is being sold by two separate manufacturers-Lens Plus Saline, Lens Plus Rewetting, Lens Plus Daily Cleaner and ProFree/GP are sold by Exaeris, and the hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution is sold as "Oxysept Ultracare Formula" (AMO).

"Keep in mind that Oxysept still needs to be used with a cleaning solution such as Lens Plus," she said.

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