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Controversies in Modern Eye Care 2023: A welcome from Dr Neda Shamie


Neda Shamie, MD, welcomes attendees to the 17th annual Controversies in Modern Eye Care meeting, and shares sneak peeks of her two presentations throughout the day.

Neda Shamie, MD, co-chair and presenter, shares a welcome message for attendeees, as well as what to expect from her presentations later today during the 17th annual Controversies in Modern Eye Care symposium at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California.

This transcript has been edited for clarity.

Neda Shamie, MD:

Hi everyone. My name is Neda Shamie, and I'm a cornea, refractive, and cataract surgeon at the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute, and I'm excited to welcome you to the 17th annual Controversies in Modern Eye Care meeting taking place here in Los Angeles at the Skirball Cultural Center. This year, we are excited to have partnered with MJH and Physician's Education Resources to provide the top-level education to our viewers, both virtually and those who are here in person.

I'll be giving 2 lectures, one is called, "IOL cheat sheet: Ace the test," and basically I'll be going over all the different premium IOLs that are available to us, specifically on presbyopia correcting lenses, mitigating lenses, and really kind of reviewing what it takes for us to evaluate one lens versus the other.

My second talk is called, "Consults hijacked," and the the conversation will be more about consults that have come in—patients who have been referred for one surgical consultation, but in fact, there's something else going on with them. So the LASIK patient who comes in who may have forme fruste keratoconus or dry eyes, a cataract patient who may have epithelial basement membrane dystrophy and such. So we'll talk about case studies and such.

And I'll be moderating—I'm one of the co chairs of this meeting. So I'll be moderating with Dr. Robert Maloney and Dr. Arjan Hura, and just really excited to be spending my day with everyone who's here both virtually and in-person.

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