CooperVision launches science and technology awards

Two awards are being offered by CooperVision to foster exploration of technology advancement in ocular surface health and anterior segment symptomology.

Pleasanton, CA-CooperVision has begun a Science and Technology (S&T) Awards Program to bring recipients and CooperVision scientists together to explore new areas of technology advancement. The awards program will address ocular surface health and anterior segment symptomology through advancement of technologies including, but not limited to materials, devices and compounds.

“Our goal is to support science and encourage a focus on unmet needs that can be translated back to our community,” said Arthur Back, chief technology officer for CooperVision.

The CooperVision S&T Awards Program is comprised of two awards: First, the CooperVision Seedling Award provides funding for 1 year to incentivize collaborations with CooperVision in a new research area. The CooperVision Translational Research Award provides funding for up to 2 years for a substantive, innovative translational research project.

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