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EHR roundup


Whether you’re looking to implement your first EHR system or you’re thinking of moving to a different one, you need to do some research to discover which system best fits your needs. You need to keep the big picture of health care in mind as well.

Whether you’re looking to implement your first EHR system or you’re thinking of moving to a different one, you need to do some research to discover which system best fits your needs. You need to keep the big picture of health care in mind as well.

EHR consultant Alistair Jackson, MS, FAAO, offers insight on what practitioners should know about EHRs:

New software? Old software? No software? Yes, it matters!

Some practitioners believe that they can-and should- stay with the old software they’ve been using for a up to a decade. Software matters because older systems may not be compliant with Meaningful Use (MU). Oh, you’re not attesting? You don’t take Medicare? Doesn’t matter-this is the new standard of health care. Your software is everybody’s business because you are using your software to create and contribute to your patients’ electronic health records. It’s the business of patients and every other provider they see because it’s a shared task to inform, advise, and educate our patients about their health. The most significant movement inside health reform is the move from position-driven health care to patient-centered health care. When optometrists understand that it’s all about the patient, they understand the software must serve the interests of the patients first and foremost, not the needs and interests of the doctor.

Attesting to MU is optional but the use of Certified Electronic Health Records Technology is not.

It’s a point of confusion for people. “It’s only for people who are attesting or taking government money,” some think. Wrong! It matters across the board. The question is,  are you going to take incentive money to get you on the train, or are you going to get on the train all by yourself? Either way, you’re getting on the train or you’ll be left behind.

Paper charts are not shareable.

Every patient has ePHI: electronic protected health information. It’s the role of the provider-you-to protect that health information and to contribute to it in an acceptable format, which is what certified EHR technology is all about. It’s creating an intraoperable format for protected health information and allowing it to be shared among patient, provider, and portal. That’s the standard to which everyone is now accountable. If your software doesn’t take you there, you need to replace your software.

Not properly using a certified EHR matters.

It’s not meaningful possession, it’s meaningful use. Sharing data is the focus of Stage 2. Until you’re sharing ePHI, you’re not in compliance with Stage 2.

The cost of non-compliance may be a Medicare adjustment or stimulus clawback.

Those who fail an MU audit will have their incentive money clawed back to CMS. That’s a very real thing, and it’s happening. Most practitioners are worried about failing a security risk assessment. Don’t assume that because you have EHR, you’re fine. There’s also a penalty for not attesting but accepting the adjustment to Medicare. The ultimate penalty is losing your business because you lose your patients. If you’re not in compliance, other doctors can’t share information with you and will send their patients elsewhere.

Your selection and use of certified EHR to help you with the business of eye care today is of pivotal significance to the well being of your practice.

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EHR software listing

Below you’ll find an alphabetized listing of EHR solutions, including full business name and contact information. In addition, each company was asked provide a short description of the product. Find more details in the table on Page 26. Note: Additional companies declined to participate or provide complete information.

Compulink Business Systems Inc.

Eyecare Advantage



With 30 years of experience, Compulink is the ONC Certified EHR and Practice Management software used by 4000+ ophthalmic practices and 16 Colleges of Optometry.  Designed to adapt to your workflow, Eyecare Advantage includes patient scheduling/tracking, electronic claims/eligibility/remittance, Optical POS/Inventory Management, DICOM Image Management, 150+ equipment interfaces, HIPAA-compliant patient portal, patient web registration and VSP Interface.  Cloud-based solution available.


Crystal Practice Management

Abeo Solutions, Inc

800-308-7169 ext 2


Crystal Practice Management comprehensive package includes all aspects of EHR and practice management, including patient management, customizable medical records, e-prescribing, inventory management, direct frame and contact lens ordering, and more. Crystal Practice Management is complete EHR Ambulatory certified for Stage 1 and 2 with several hundred offices getting Medicare/Medicaid incentives. We have a 100% success rate on audits and will help you through the attesting process. With our direct lab and contact lens integration, we eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming double entry. Our online patient portal allows a patient to fill out all of his paperwork from home or via kiosk/iPad. Patients can download a copy of their invoice or Rx from the web. Exams have never been easier with direct machine integration and automatic coding built-in to our customizable records. We have over 200 templates of medical records shared online by current Crystal PM Users.



Healthline Systems, Inc./Eyecom



Eyecom3 is a browser-based, HIPAA compliance ready practice management software solution. Acknowledged as the industry leader in computerized recall and patient target marketing, Eyecom3 controls practice costs and maximizes your return-on-investment. Eyecom3 utilizes Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser interface and SQL platform to provide demonstrated reliability and outstanding performance with ASP ophthalmic software. Available 7/24 from any Internet-accessible computer - office or home, Eyecom3 provides the added security of the latest data encryption methodology to ensure complete confidentiality. Eyecom3 is scalable and can grow with your practice, providing the lowest cost for value. As a hosted solution, it decreases your capital investment for hardware and support for backups, periodic maintenance and software upgrades.

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drchrono inc

(844) 569-8628


drchrono is a medical platform for Optometry. The software focus's on the smaller practicing Optometrist, ranging from the 1-20 doctor practice. drchrono has three main parts to it, the first is it is a full meaningful use electronic medical records platform, the second is it is a practice management suite, the third is in providing medical billing software. The main focus is also on being cloud based allowing doctors to use an iPad or a web browser from anywhere if needed. There is a heavy focus on iPad and iPhone. The company provides different plan types depending on what the Optometrist needs. In addition drchrono provides a freemium service, plans range from free to varying prices. Some of drchrono’s milestones include: 60,000 registered physicians, 3,000,000 million patients and 500 million in medical billing being processed yearly. The software can be configured for a specific practices need.



Eyefinity HER, ExamWRITER



Eyefinity EHR is the most exciting and talked about EHR on the market. This innovative, simple-to-use solution cuts exam and documentation time, while increasing your revenue and patient flow. It’s the only solution that learns and adapts to the way you practice. You’ll enjoy more face-to-face time, instead of face-to-computer time; providing an enhanced patient experience and increasing patient loyalty. Plus, you can access your patients’ records anytime, anywhere-safely and securely from the cloud using any tablet device or computer. Eyefinity EHR is ONC 2014 Edition Certified to meet stage 1 and stage 2 requirements for Meaningful Use.



First Insight Corporation



MaximEyes cloud based practice management and 2014 Complete Certified EHR software offers affordable monthly plans for all practice sizes. Since 1994, First Insight has specialized in creating software specifically for optometrists and ophthalmologists with simple implementation, exceptional support and award winning training.  MaximEyes is one of the easiest systems to customize-it’s like it was built for you. MaximEyes complies with interoperability and IHE HL7 Standards and is ICD-10 compliant. MaximEyes Cloud has automatic data backups and unlimited MaximEyes software updates, and your data is encrypted on your own private and secure database. Expert technicians perform an in-depth practice analysis before you go-live. Instantly access real-time diagnostic patient results from ophthalmic instruments. Increase revenue with personalized Meaningful Use training and our FAST PAY in-house billing services.


My Vision Express

My Vision Express



My Vision Express Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) were designed exclusively for eyecare practices with the input of leading doctors in the industry. The EHR module, being Stage 1 & 2 Meaningful Use Certified,  will streamline patient encounters from start to finish in your office, and yet improve exam efficiency while maintaining a high level of patient care. It will give the OD and/or MD a fully intergrated electronic, record keeping system with unlimited exam templates that can be unique for each doctor, unlimited documents/images capability through DICOM, emailing literature directly to the patient, Exam coder for accurate billing fees, exam draw features, over 200 pieces of doctor equipment integration possibilities, create referral letters from templates for PCP and many more benefits that can save your company.


Practice Director EHR

Williams Group Practice Director EHR



Practice Director EHR is a product of Williams Group, the worldwide leader in practice management consulting. The software is built with the purpose of helping eyecare practices have a more efficient, productive, profitable, and patient-centered practice, and we provide a true integration of practice management expertise a fast and flexible EHR software. Our client support team includes individuals who are ABO certified opticians with experience working in eyecare practices, so they are able to offer superior, relationship-based training and support. We offer our own integrated patient recall and communication system (Patient Communicator by Practice Director) as well a fully-integrated online patient portal.



Health Innovation Technologies, Inc.



RevolutionEHR is the leading cloud-based software for optometric business, providing a full practice solution that covers all needs including scheduling, inventory management, accounts receivable, patient demographics, and electronic health record management. The company offers outstanding customer support, utilizing staff who have all formerly worked in eye care practices. With its 2014 Certification, RevolutionEHR users can perform health information exchange with RevDirect, a government-recognized/compatible secure data sharing profile, and can dialogue with patients through the integrated personal health record called RevolutionPHR. The key value of RevolutionEHR is that it operates so simply that an optometry business can have the freedom to focus on patient care.ODT

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