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EyeCon 2022: Improve your practice with these industry innovations


Adam Ramsey, OD, shares key takeaways from his EyeCon 2022 presentation, "Advances in industry innovations to improve your practice."

Adam Ramsey, OD, CEO of Socialite Vision, based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; founder of Health Focus South Florida; and co-founder of Black EyeCare Perspective, caught up with Optometry Times' Emily Kaiser to discuss key takeaways from his presentation titled, "Advances in industry innovations to improve your practice," which he co-presented with Jade Coats, OD, during EyeCon 2022 held in Marco Island, Flordida.

This transcript has been edited for clarity:


Hello, I'm Emily Kaiser with Optometry Times. And I'm here again with Dr. Adam Ramsey to discuss his presentation on "Advances in industry innovations to improve your practice," at EyeCon 2022 In Marco Island, Florida. Welcome Dr. Ramsey. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.


Thanks for having me. I'm loving the conversation so far.


All right, well, can you give us a brief overview of your presentation?


Well, I have my esteemed colleague, Dr. Jade Coats that's doing it with me. And we are just trying to find some new innovations in eye care that some people may not know about. So her and I go to a lot of conferences, and we read a lot of journal articles. And you know, being able to have access and exposure to different technology that's coming, or different ways in which we can practice, kind of helps our practice be at the forefront.

So this talk is going to be centered around maybe letting you walk away with some ideas of stuff you may want to purchase. Some systems you may want to implement some programs you may want to adopt, some of these things are even free for you to do, that people may not know about. So we kind of scoured the internet, asked all the reps, went to all the conferences, went to all the booths this year.

And we kind of put a presentation together of all the stuff that if you didn't go to other conferences, and you might have missed, you're gonna get to see some of the best stuff that's available in 2022 and 2023. And maybe you may want to implement in your practice when you get home.


Yeah, that sounds so cool. What do you hope that optometrists take away from your talk?


I hope that they see that staying on the cutting edge can be fun and engaging, and doesn't have to be scary. And I think that's the hard part. I go to all these conferences, and I get all these ideas, and it's really the implementation of the ideas that can then be difficult, and then figuring out how do I put that into practice? And do I want to go through the effort and the work to do it? And I will tell you, it's worth it to do, it's fun and engaging to do, and patients always come into my office and say, "I know you're going to have the newest stuff. I know you're going to have the coolest stuff." It's why they come.

So I will challenge them at the end of this year, starting next year, commit to adding and implementing one new strategy, one new piece of equipment, or one new technique into your office and give it a go.

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