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InDispensable Briefs


Hugo Boss launches in US with Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Hugo 117Parsippany, NJ-Hugo Eyewear recently launched in the United States with its Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

The optical launch collection features innovative technical details and minimalist shapes. Aesthetics is combined with functionality to ensure maximum comfort as well as a clear design language. A sophisticated color palette and refined transparencies highlight the models’ technical details and lend an aura of minimalist elegance. A new design element of two parallel lines creates a link to the brand name and the letter “H.”
Hugo 0117

These unisex acetate frames have a square shape and a bold profile. The temples’ metal core, with the “H” design element, shows through the transparent multi-layer acetate. It is available in shades of black/transparent red with black/transparent red temples; havana/crystal with transparent brown temples, gray/crystal; blue havana with gray/transparent blue temples; and green havana with black/crystal temples.

Hugo 116Hugo 0116

This large, square-shaped unisex frame has multi-layer acetate and transparencies to allow for the temples’ metal core to be clearly visible. The frame is available in dark havana/crystal with black/transparent olive temples; gray/all-over crystal; blue havana with gray/transparent blue temples; and green havana with black/crystal temples.


MJ 532Marc Jacobs debuts Spring/Summer 2014 line

Marc Jacobs presents its Spring/Summer 2014 eyewear collection with new sunglasses and optical frames with classic geometric shapes, with bold volumes and unexpected color combinations.

MJ 529/S and MJ 532/S, seen left, is an acetate sunglass frame, available in both men’s and unisex styles. The bold shapes are softened by transparencies that create an ombre effect on the frames. The shade combinations alternate brown/beige front with shaded brown temples; transparent blue front with light blue temples; green front with shaded mud temples; dark green front with shaded mud temples;  light blue front with shaded light blue temples;  shaded grey front with grey/white temples;  total havana;  total blue;  total black;  transparent orange;  or grey/beige. 

MJ 636MJ 536, seen left, and MJ 542 are optical frames for both men and women in classic shades of black and havana. The men’s style is accompanied by hues of green, transparent blue, blue/light blue, and shaded grey. The women’s frames have beige grey and cherry hues.

MJ 533/S and MJ 543, seen below, are vintage sunglass and optical frames exclusively for women. The styles are available in black, ivory, havana/brown, blue, and red colors. Lenses of the sunglasses are shaded in the tones of brown and grey. 


MJ 543


Ellis Moscot introduces 2014 Sun collection

New York City-Moscot recently released its 2014 Moscot Sun Collection, taking its favorite Moscot Originals-Grunya, Lemtosh, Nebb, and Shayna-to create the Governor, Randall, Ellis, and Staten for summer.

Bolder and thicker than their Moscot Originals counterparts, Governor, Randall, Ellis, and Staten are infused with rich custom colors, and coordinating gradient color lenses.

GovernorThe 2014 Moscot Sun collection includes:

Ellis is based on Nebb. With its rectangular shape carved from block acetate, Ellis is available in chameleon, leopard, pumpkin, and sapphire, with 2 dot rivets on the front and temples, a saddle bridge, and a 5-barrel hinge.  

Governor is based on Grunya, with an oversized and dramatic shape. Complete with 3 dot rivets on the front and temples, a keyhole bridge, and a 7-barrel hinge, available in chameleon, leopard, pumpkin, and sapphire.

RandallRandall is based on Lemtosh with diamond shaped rivets on the front and temples, a keyhole bridge, and a 5-barrel hinge. It is available in chameleon, leopard, pumpkin, and sapphire.

Staten is Shayna shaped, but oversize. Available in chameleon, leopard, pumpkin and sapphire, this frame is made from hefty block acetate with 2 dot rivets on the front and temples, a saddle bridge, and a 5-barrel hinge.




Santinelli offers titanium pad arm kit

Hauppauge, NY-Santinelli International now offers a simple way to add nose bridge support to plastic frames with its Titanium Pad Arm Kit. The addition of nose pad arms is a solution for patients with low nose profiles who prefer wearing plastic frames. The pad arms raise the frame, allow for greater adjustment of pantoscopic tilt and prevent the frame from continuously sliding.

After removing the existing integral nose pads on either a zyl or optyl frame, the pad arms can be mounted by simply drilling a tiny hole into the frame’s bridge with the provided pin vice and drill bit. The titanium arms are inserted into the frame and securely held in place by the specially designed “barbed-end” posts of the arms. The process does not require any glue or chemical adhesive.

The kit includes a pin vise, drill bit, punch tool, 15 pairs of PVC nose pads, and titanium arms in assorted colors, all stored in an organizer to keep tools and parts secure. Pad arm refills are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.


Mei introduces Ezfit for lens assembly

Milan, Italy-Mei presents EzFit, a compact machine that brings the milling technology in the ophthalmic lens edging process to optical stores.

The machine can mill any edge, at different angles, and any frame (nylor, glasant, wraparound, etc.). EzFit brings the same performance features of an industrial machine, along with a tool self-gauging system and guided steps.

Ezfit offers quick delivery of all frames, even for the special shaping or processing work that is often outsourced to specialized workshops.


Viewer easily demos Transitions lenses

Cambridge, Ontario-Transitions Viewer, a new virtual demonstration tool developed by Transitions Optical, Inc., is now available to help demonstrate the function and benefits of the Transitions family of everyday lenses.

Available online, www.Transitions.com/Viewer, the tool can be accessed from a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device allowing for pre-appointment and in-office product education. Using 360x180 panorama images, Transitions Viewer immerses users in the experience of wearing Transitions lenses, allowing them to see how the lenses change and enhance vision in different real-world scenes and how the lenses look on the person wearing them.

Transitions Viewer is not only a useful demonstration tool for patients who are unfamiliar with adaptive lenses but also for current and past wearers of Transitions lenses. A “Help me decide” features allows users to prioritize the photochromic lens benefits that are most important to them, such as “reduce eyestrain from indoor lighting” or “darken while in the car,” to find out which adaptive lens is the best fit for their lifestyles. Learning about the Transitions family of products before they visit their eyecare professional may make consumers more likely to ask about the Transitions lenses that are right for them, according to the company.


Tumi and REM Eyewear Reveal New Sunglass Styles for Spring 2014 Sun Collection

BassanoSun Valley, CA-Tumi and REM Eyewear have announced the release of 3 new styles for the brand’s Spring 2014 Sun collection.

Tumi’s Spring 2014 Sun collection is a natural reflection of the brand’s core values of innovation, superior technology, and premium quality. The featured men’s styles below will be sold through fashion and eyewear retailers worldwide.

Barrow’s design consists of a conventional teardrop aviator frame with a temple design featuring Tumi’s ballistic pattern. It is available in black, red, and tortoise.

TataraBassano is an aviator with stainless steel temples and Tumi’s ballistic pattern. It is available in smoke, matte black, and matte brown.

Tatara is a rimless style that features Tumi’s ballistic pattern at the top bar and an integrated flex hinge. It is available in black, brown, and gunmetal.

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