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InDispensable: M&S Technologies adds stereo testing, Tommy Hilfiger launches True to Blue


Santinelli International introduces new deblocking pliers, part of the company’s Visionary line of tools. Designed specifically for Nidek pliable blocks, the pliers feature a cushioned, silicone grip with built-in finger channels on the handle for comfort and ease of use.

M&S Technologies adds stereo testing to Smart System Tablet

Niles, IL-M&S Technologies recently added stereo testing to the suite of near tests developed for the Smart System Tablet.

The user-interactive screening allows the eyecare professional to effectively test for stereopsis by having the patient touch the image on the tablet that he believes is the one displaying the stereo image.

“The protocol is very effective since it removes technician bias and erroneous data by being interactive with the patient and calculating disparity according to image selection. Furthermore, it’s particularly effective with children as it simulates a video game experience and encourages the child to participate,” said Joe Marino, president of M&S Technologies.

In related news, M&S Technologies will begin selling apps for the Smart System Tablet through its web store in June 2014.

The apps for sale will include: near visual acuity testing, letter contrast sensitivity testing, stereo testing, ColorCheck color testing, Amsler grid for AMD detection, and the CustomLink app for controlling the Smart System. Prices will range from $29 to $99, depending on the app.

M&S will add more apps to the store as they are developed.

Next: Tommy Hilfiger launches True to the Blue


Tommy Hilfiger launches True to the Blue capsule collection

Amsterdam-The Tommy Hilfiger Group recently launched the True to the Blue eyewear capsule collection.

The True to the Blue collections honor the enduring influence and evolution of denim, chambray and indigo in Tommy Hilfiger’s collections, from when he founded the brand in 1985 until today. Hilfiger’s design philosophy has always celebrated a re-imagination of the classics by reinventing wardrobe staples with a modern twist. Denim, chambray and indigo represent American style, inspiring a dedicated eyewear collection for Spring 2014.

Gradient blues combine with chambray-like textures, giving frames a defined identity that reflects Tommy Hilfiger’s passion for denim as a style essential. The collection is comprised of four sunglass styles and two optical frames.

Next: Santinelli introduces new de-blocking pliers


Santinelli introduces new de-blocking pliers

Hauppauge, NY-Santinelli International introduces new deblocking pliers, part of the company’s Visionary line of tools. Designed specifically for Nidek pliable blocks, the pliers feature a cushioned, silicone grip with built-in finger channels on the handle for comfort and ease of use.

The tool’s spring-loaded plier action provides fast removal of pliable blocks. The pliers are crafted with an optimal jaw angle, eliminating the potential for lens surface and/or frame finish damage. The jaws envelop the block and minimize wear and tear, thereby extending the life of the block.

The Italian-designed de-blocking pliers are made of high-grade stainless steel with ergonomic silicone handles, which are color-coded for quick identification.












Next: WooDone releases bling-inspired line


WooDone releases bling-inspired line

Varna, Italy-WooDone’s wooden frames are now available in its Bling line, featuring an exterior covered in Galena crystals with a metallic shine.

Every WooDone model is carved from a single panel composed of eight layers of chipboard obtained from recycled tree materials with certified origins from Alto Adige. 

The collection includes both squared and softer, feminine styles in the natural colors of Alto Adige wood: coppery-brown walnut, golden cherry wood, and warm black acacia. The frame weighs just 13 grams and that can feature both prescription and sun lenses.

Next: Gulden releases a new distometer set


Gulden releases a new distometer set

Elkins Park, PA-Gulden Ophthalmics recently introduced a new distometer set that includes an all-metal distometer and a circular conversion calculator.

The Gulden Distometer Set accurately measures the vertex distance between a patient’s cornea and the lenses in eyeglasses or trial lenses. A circular conversion calculator included with each distometer instrument facilitates the quick and accurate new correction necessary in the eyeglasses lens to obtain the same visual acuity achieved with the trial lenses.

The patient closes his or her eyes and the sensing end of the Distometer caliper is placed between the eyelid and the lenses. The plunger is slowly pressed, and the two sensing ends will move outwardly. When one sensing end touches the eyelid and the other touches the back surface of the lens the scale is read; add one mm for the eyelid thickness and the result is the vertex distance.   

To use the circular conversion calculator, the doctor or technician simply selects the number on the millimeter distance scale that represents the vertex distance determined by the distometer using the minus scale for minus lenses and the plus scale for plus lenses. The circular inner scale is then rotated to align with the power of the trial lens on the outer stationary diopter scale. The power that is indicated at any other distance viewed on the millimeter scale will present the effective vertex power of the lens necessary at that distance.    

The all-metal design of the Gulden Distometer provides long life and accurate measurements compared to plastic devices. The Gulden Distometer Set includes the distometer, the circular conversion calculator, and instructions for use.

Next: ClearVision introduces new frames for children 


ClearVision introduces new frames for children

Hauppauge, NY-In preparation for the back-to-school season, ClearVision Optical introduces new styles to its kids’ brands. These latest models join the complete ClearVision Kids Collection, which features more than 80 styles.

The collection features edgier designs infused with more color, patterns, architectural styles to reflect more adult styling.

Dilli Dalli HalfpintDilli Dalli (newborn to 3 years old): The Dilli Dalli eyewear collection features six designs with precise fit in terms of the nose pads, end pieces, bridge, temple curve, and temple lengths. Dilli Dalli’s IntelliFlex multi-action spring hinge is designed with the ability to flex both vertically and horizontally, offering flexibility and durability to the frames. New sizes have been added this summer to address the needs of this growing pediatric collection.




Jessica McClintock 425Jessica McClintock Girls (4 to 12 years old):  The Jessica McClintock Eyewear for Girls collection offers feminine designs in soft colorations for young girls with a twist of attitude. The collection features trendy eye shapes, bilaminate and trilaminate finishes, and patterned temple designs in flat metals, acetate, metal combos, and memory metal styles.




OP 837Op Kids (6 to 14 years old): The Op eyewear collection offers a selection of cool shapes and modern styles for kids and tweens ages six to 14. The collection’s modern teen-to-adult styling appeals to kids and tweens who want to look more grown up.




IZOD 612IZOD Boys (6 to 14 years old): The IZOD Boys collection offers eyewear for kids and tweens ages 6 to 14, featuring sport-infused designs. The latest release emulates the style direction of the IZOD men’s collection taking a youthful spin with memory metal bridges and rubberized temples provide durability and comfort. 



Next: Okia introduces eco-friendly acetate


Okia introduces eco-friendly acetate

Hong Kong-Okia recently launched Bio HDA, an eco-friendly, high-definition acetate.

Bio HDA is made of Bio CA, a biopolymer deriving from renewable resources. Bio CA base material is a cellulose acetate mixed with a sustainable softener obtained from plant oils. Extrusion and injection are the two processes through which Bio CA can be produced.

Bio CA is an approved food contact material and guarantees low carbon emissions during manufacture. It is phthalate-free and 100 percent biodegradable, thus offering a frame material alternative that helps the environment while keeping high quality features.


Offering the same mechanical properties of traditional CA, Bio CA can be combined with HDA Technology to obtain Bio HDA, a revolutionary product that represents the perfect mix between fashion and environmental sustainability. Bio HDA allows for unlimited colors and graphics.ODT

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