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Lumibird Medical announces launch of dry eye diagnostic aid


The diagnostic aid platform, C.DIAG, utilizes artificial intelligence to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease.

Closeup of eye with digital scan overlay Image Credit: AdobeStock/Stasique

Image Credit: AdobeStock/Stasique

Lumibird Medical, a medical division of Lumibird Group, has announced the launch of the C.DIAG, an autonomic dry eye diagnostic aid platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. According to a news release, the new diagnostic aid brings with it a new component of the company’s C.SUITE platform, which allows healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat, and educate dry eye patients.1

"C.DIAG is an automated diagnostic aid platform, the most complete on the market, integrating multiple exams as transillumination meibography and an autofocus HD camera for unrivalled image quality and automatic, accurate and reproducible results. The incorporated Artificial Intelligence is based on algorithms derived from more than one million clinically validated images," said Delphine Southon, dry eye product manager at Lumibird Medical.

The release stated that the demand for diagnostic tools stems from the management of dry eye disease’s (DED) tendency to complicate the treatment of glaucoma, refractive and cataract surgeries, and contact lenses, among others.1

“The DED symptoms are often misunderstood. This multifactorial pathology is often underdiagnosed and underestimated. We are convinced that this new innovative C.SUITE offer is a premium diagnosis and treatment solution to healthcare professionals confronted with the daily challenge of dry eye management,” said Jean-Marc Gendre, CEO of Lumibird Medical, in the release.

The C.DIAG is the third feature of the C.SUITE, with C.STIM providing treatment aid. Designed by Quantel Medical, the C.STIM is an intense pulsed light system that treats DED by correcting meibomian gland dysfunction, inflammation, and Demodex.2 Other products from Lumibird Group include lasers, optics, and imaging for a variety of other medical specialities, including oncology, dermatology, photodynamic therapy, and surgery.3

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