New lens gives drivers sharp and clear vision in all conditions


Shamir’s Driver Intelligence lens provides drivers with a safer, more clear driving experience during both the daytime and nighttime

Woman driving a car through the city at night

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Shamir, along with their Alpine partners, have developed a lens that creates a safer, clearer, and more comfortable driving experience. Using artificial intelligence and big data, these lenses are able to provide sharp and clear vision for drivers in any light conditions, including day, night and low -light.

Shamir’s Driver Intelligence was created to address the visual challenges that come with driving such as oncoming headlights, sudden changes in road conditions, and varying light conditions from the sun.

Analysis of surveys showed that 1 in 5 drivers suffer from eye fatigue, and 1 in 4 drivers have trouble focusing quickly between varying distances. Further survey analysis showed that 48% of drivers have vision concerns that prevent them from driving at night.1

Shamir’s Driver Intelligence lens was designed based on comprehensive measurements of head movements and eye-tracking to have a thorough understanding of driver visual behavior.

“We are proud of our partnership with BWT Alpine F1 Team, which has allowed us to drive performance lenses to new levels and contribute to innovation for us both. The rich insight and extensive data received from professional drivers under conditions of extreme challenges, has enriched our big data set and has been invaluable in the development of the new driving-dedicated performance lens,” said Yagen Moshe, CEO of Shamir in a press release.

“The lens we have developed upgrades the driving experience to premium, taking the driver (professional as well as passionate and everyday drivers) on a calm and pleasant journey, allowing them to enjoy clarity of vision whether of the road ahead or the image in their mirrors, bringing them safely to their destination.”

Shamir Driver Intelligence comes as a set of 2, with 1 pair of glasses for the daytime, and the other for nighttime driving. The day-time lens uses advanced materials that simulate color contrast, object recognition enhancement, and anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from the sun. The nighttime lens is designed to reduce visual noise and eye fatigue, and improve drivers reaction times.

1. Shamir launches innovative optical lens to enhance driving performance: Driver Intelligence. Accessed July 12, 2023.

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