New Transitions Optical lenses provide ultra-responsive speed to light


The new prescription lens series, which transition faster while keeping out UVA and UVB rays, will be available in April 2024.

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Lens and shield manufacturer Transitions Optical has unveiled its new GEN S series, which utilizes new lens technology that provides increased light protection. The company said in a news release that GEN S lenses block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays, while filtering out up to 32% of blue violet light pre-transition, and up to 85% when transitioned. The new prescription lens series will be available in April 2024.1

The new lens series was unveiled during Transitions Optical’s annual Transitions Academy event, which took place from February 11 to 14 in Orlando, Florida this year. During the event, Chrystel Barranger, president of Transitions Optical and EssilorLuxottica, described GEN S as “the ultra dynamic lenses which gives you the power to move smoothly from one world to another, to see fluidly, effortlessly, to keep your eyes comfy and cozy.”2

GEN S is Transitions Optical’s fastest lens in the clear to dark photochromic category available, fading back faster to 70% transmission and less than 14% transmission when activated at about 74 degrees Fahrenheit. While the lenses remain clear indoors, they are able to transition within seconds when moving outdoors. The company describes the lenses as ultra-responsive to light, with its gray lenses responding fully to strong sunlight levels in 25 seconds. Fading out of transition can take less than 2 minutes. These transition speeds allows for a 39% faster vision recovery from intensely bright lights in comparison to clear lenses. When fading back to clear, the lenses show a 39.5% improvement in contrast sensitivity and 40% faster vision recovery.1

Transitions Optical asked for feedback last year regarding the lenses’ transition rate from participants of a wearers test, conducted by an external market research agency, and 88% stated that GEN S lenses “adapted so fast to light that they didn’t or barely noticed the change.” The test included 133 wearers that tested the 1.67 index lenses in clear and gray with anti-reflective coating.1

"We are excited to finally announce the launch of Transitions® GEN S™, a revolutionary, patented new lens system with unrivalled performance and vision and style attributes, all in one product. Five years in the making, Transitions GEN S will launch in April 2024 and be the fastest dark lens on the market providing better vision, faster transition, and available in eight vibrant colors perfectly true-to-tone at all stages of activation and fadeback," said Jérôme Butez, global vice president of marketing at Transitions Optical. "Transitions is the brand that brings colors into the world of prescription eyewear. When we developed Transitions GEN S, we wanted to bring the joy of colors to all prescription glasses wearers so we re-engineered our colors to be more true-to-tone with exclusive new dyes. We are also introducing a new color to our portfolio — Ruby — so now you have the ultimate choice and endless frame pairing possibilities for any style, for any wearer."

The lenses are available in 8 colors, including a new featured ruby color new to Transitions Optical. The lenses’ technology provides a clear lens when the transition is not activated. Once transitioned, the lenses remain vibrant in color, regardless of the intensity of transition, according to the release.

GEN S joins the company’s 5 lens series, as well as transition shield options. Each Transitions Optical series has a specific audience focus, including those who are frequently exposed to bright light and reflective glare, those who are particularly light sensitive, lenses specifically for driving, and clear and fast transition lenses for everyday wear. Additionally, the company’s ACUVUE Oasys with Transitions contact lenses, which allows for improved vision recovery, reduced eye stress caused by light, filtering out blue light, and blocking UV rays.3

All of Transitions Optical’s lenses are outfitted with a photochromic layer made of molecules that change structure when interacting with light and temperature, allowing the lens to darken. That layer is then covered with a protective coating and finished with a scratch resistant surface.4

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