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Preferred EyeCare Center Transitions’ Practice of the Year


Preferred EyeCare Center of Mount Pleasant, SC, was named the 2011 Transitions Eye-care Practice of the Year during the 16th annual Transitions Academy.

Orlando, FL -Preferred EyeCare Center of Mount Pleasant, SC, was named the 2011 Transitions Eye-care Practice of the Year during the 16th annual Transitions Academy.

The honor recognizes practices that integrate Transitions’ lenses into their treatment plans, according to Transitions Optical. “Our patients take what we recommend to heart, so we haven’t experienced much hesitation when we talk about Transitions lenses as the ideal, everyday pair of eyewear,” practice owner Rachael Click, OD, said.

“Everyone on my staff believes in the Transitions brand and wears the product – which I think is one of most powerful messages we can send our patients,” she said.

Dr. Click said she often describes Transitions lenses as “sunscreen” for the eyes, which helps her communicate the importance of UV protection in a way that resonates with patients.

In 2011, Preferred EyeCare Center promoted the UV protection and benefits of Transitions lenses by attending community health expos, children’s festivals, and local business health fairs. The practice also implemented a 30-day guarantee program.

To get patients thinking about their eyewear choices before their appointments, Preferred EyeCare Center e-mails reminders that link directly to Transitions Optical’s interactive EyeGlass Guide. Patients are asked to complete the guide and print out their results before their visit.

During each exam, Dr. Click also asks questions and fills out a form detailing her eyewear recommendations, then hands the information to her staff. “It’s all about finding the right eyewear that matches your patient’s lifestyle,” Dr. Click said. “By using tools like the EyeGlass Guide and taking the time to discuss what they do every day, we are able to recommend the best type of Transitions lenses for them.”

“While Preferred EyeCare Center is a relatively new practice, it’s clear that they have found the right messaging and creative strategies to help their patients – and members in their community – see the value in taking care of their eyes,” said Scott Henning, director, US ECP sales and marketing, Transitions Optical.

Transitions Optical awarded the practice with a $1,000 grant through the Transitions Healthy Sight for Life Fund to support Preferred EyeCare Center in its community healthy sight efforts 2012.

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