Q&A: EyeCon sneak peek with Dr Bloomenstein


What to expect from this year’s must-attend event.

Don’t miss the Optometry Times® Eyecon 2022 Conference on Friday, December 16, and Saturday, December 17, at the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort in Florida.

Eye care professionals will convene to discuss the latest advances in diagnostic tools and treatments and share their experiences. This year’s hybrid interactive conference will be cochaired by Kelly K. Nichols, OD, PhD, MPH, FAAO, dean of The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry, and A. Paul Chous, OD, MA, FAAO, a diabetes eye care specialist and owner of Chous Eye Care Associates in Tacoma, Washington.

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In advance of the second annual EyeCon meeting, Marc R. Bloomenstein, OD, FAAO, sat down with Optometry Times® to offer a sneak peek of what to expect from his session “Advances in Presbyopia,” which he will present with Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO.

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Editor’s note: This article has been edited for clarity.

Dr Bloomenstein, what can we expect from your presentation?

I’m looking forward to heading down to Marco Island and seeing all the attendees. [Brujic] and I have been presenting for quite a long time, and we have a good relationship. But unlike [Brujic], I am pres-byopic.

So it’s exciting to talk about some of the new advances that we have, whether they be therapeutic, contact lens–related, refrac-tive-based, or refractive-surgical based. I think one of the things for us, as optometrists, is that we see a wide range of patients. But the 1 thing that our patients cannot escape is presbyopia.

[Brujic] and I will tell you about a broad range of new opportunities to help you man-age this condition and exciting ways to inte-grate it into your practice.

More importantly, we will lead a robust discussion about where presbyopia is headed and where it’s been. It’s going to be exciting.

You also presented at the inaugural EyeCon meeting in 2021. What makes this year’s event a must-attend event?

I think what makes it a must-attend event is that it’s live. Whether you’re there or you’re virtual, I think what’s exciting is that you have doctors who practice—doctors who are clinical—[and] they’re providing insight because we’re going in and we’re living it. So this year, you’re going to get even more practical experience.

What are you most looking forward to?

I think I’m most looking forward to the Cuban sandwiches, [I] kind of miss a good Cuban sandwich. But honestly, it is that every time I go to a meeting, I always learn something. We’re constantly learning. It’s like when they say, “You still practice?” Are we talking practice? Practice? Yeah, I’m like [former NBA player] Allen Iverson. Yeah, we’re talking practice. I always love to hear from other people. And [Brujic] is fantastic—he always has some great clinical pearls.

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