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Reichert Technologies’ new handheld tonometer available in the US


The Tono-Vera Tonometer allows for automated IOP measurements and eliminates the need for a topical anesthetic.

Physician using tonometer on patient's eye Image Credit: Reichert Technologies

Image Credit: Reichert Technologies

Reichert Technologies’ new handheld tonometer is now available in the US. The company’s Tono-Vera Tonometer with ActiView Positioning System allows for automated and reliable intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements by utilizing rebound tonometer technology, eliminating the need for topical anesthetic, according to a news release.

“As a glaucoma specialist, I can say that Tono-Vera provides IOP readings comparable to Goldmann tonometry and its ease-of-use with automatic measurements permit even novice users to obtain reliable measurements that clinicians can be confident in,” stated Charles Niles, MD, principal investigator in the FDA clinical trial for Tono-Vera, in the release.

The tonometer’s ActiView system guides the practitioners using the device to the apex of the cornea, as well as providing full-color view of the eye on its interactive user interface. This allows for an optimum position for IOP measurement, according to the release. Once the alignment is correct, the tonometer then measures the patient’s IOP and provides results in as few as 3 measurements taken in under a second.1

“Reichert’s Tono-Vera Tonometer was designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and quick, providing reliable IOP measurements for better patient care,” said Saloni Vardhan, Reichert’s Rebound Tonometry and Dry Eye product manager, in the release. “Tono-Vera’s innovative and patented positioning and alignment system enhances rebound tonometry, enabling clinicians with greater confidence in their IOP readings.”

The Tono-Vera comes in both rechargeable and AA battery model options, which are both mobile and require no tools to charge. Additionally, the tonometer is lightweight and features a Flexi-Soft Forehead Rest which allows for distance control and patient comfort. Data transfer is completed by utilizing Bluetooth connectivity.1

“Innovations for Tono-Vera go beyond the device, such as the base that holds the instrument. It also efficiently stores and dispenses single-use Ocu-Dot Tonometer Probes, as well as charges the Tono-Vera Rechargeable Model,” stated Scott Parks, Reichert DVP of engineering and research and development.

For Dave Taylor, director of marketing and business development at Reichert, Tono-Vera is an example of the company’s knack for technological innovations. “Reichert has a long history in pioneering new technologies, and we are very excited to add Tono-Vera to our world-leading portfolio of tonometers,” said Taylor in the release. He has worked with researchers and opinion leaders for over 20 years to help foster the development of devices that enhance glaucoma patient care, according to the release.

The Tono-Vera joins a variety of other technological devices available for eye care providers, including the Phoroptor, Lensometer, Tono-Pen, ClearChart Digital Acuity, slit lamps, and more.1

  1. Reichert Tono-Vera Tonometer is now available in the United States, offering truly objective tonometry. News release. Reichert Technologies. May 6, 2024. Accessed May 20, 2024. https://www.reichert.com/en/company/news/reichert-tono-vera-tonometer-is-now-available-in-the-united-states-offering-truly-objective-tonometry
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