Shamir Insight announces executive leadership updates

Changes in three new positions took effect this month.

Shamir Insight Inc announced Monday three changes in its leadership positions.

Pierson Ball, the company’s direct or business and strategic development, has been appointed as its new vice president of sales. Ball has been with Shamir since 2007. The change took effect on April 1, according to the company.

Additionally, Shamir’s vice president of operations and strategic partnerships, Mark Becker, will take on an expanded role in building stronger relationships with the company’s laboratory partners and key customers, the company reported.

Becker joined Shamir in 2014, following leadership experience and executive roles in business development, operations, marketing, and sales management.

Shamir has also announced that Phillip R. Pasit, its director of marketing, will take on the role of vice president of marketing. Pasit joined the company in 2020.

“The leadership roles we are announcing today intensify our commitment to grow our

[eye care practitioner) community and support the momentum to delivering innovative products that patients need,” said Raanan Naftalovich, Shamir Insight Inc.’s president of North America, in a statement.