Shamir launches new digital measuring technology, partnership renewal


Shamir unveils a new electro-optic measurement system that utilizes artificial intelligence and over 10 different cameras to measure pupillary distance, and announces a partnership renewal with BWT Alpine F1 Team.

Pit crew standing in front of F1 car Image Credit: AdobeStock/MartinBarraud/KOTO

Image Credit: AdobeStock/MartinBarraud/KOTO

Slow and steady doesn’t win the race for world-leading developer and producer of high-performance lenses Shamir. The company has been busy renewing relationships and unveiling innovations, as announced in 2 news release. Shamir now boasts a new digital electro-optic measurement system Shamir Spark 4W, and its optical performance partnership renewal with BWT Alpine F1 Team.

Shamir Spark 4W

Shamir Spark 4W allows eye care providers to obtain precise and automatic measurements of their patient’s pupillary distance with 3D stereo vision technology and artificial intelligence (AI) features. The device has its own integrated CPU, while also operating as standalone system by accessing WiFi. Pupillary distance can also be captured and sent to any mobile device using Spark 4W’s complimentary app, Shamir Spark Remote.1

The system’s AI algorithm can detect and process over 190 facial landmarks using 6 high-resolution, 24-megapixel camera sensors, 2 active near-infrared cameras, and 4 additional color cameras. The megapixel cameras produce for sharp, clear images, with the infrared cameras allowing unobstructed views of a patient’s pupils, and the color cameras able to take clear images of any eyewear.1

“Shamir Spark 4W provides patients with a touch-free experience that preserves their personal space while providing a highly professional examination,” said Zohar Katzman, Shamir’s CTO in a news release. “Beyond accurately filling the patient’s prescription, [eye care providers] can optimize vision correction and, through As-Worn POV technology, ensure the lens delivers optimal vision in the chosen frame. Its accuracy ensures that lenses are precisely fitted to each patient, minimizing non-adaptation and vision correction.”

Katzman added that Spark 4W will change the way eye care providers work, and will allow continuous expansion of Shamir’s Spark systems.

BWT Alpine F1 Team collaboration

Additionally, Shamir has announced a renewal in its partnership with BWT Alpine F1 Team. The projects that the two companies have taken on as a team are specialized through the vision performance labs of Shamir.

“We are thrilled to extend our collaboration with Shamir, a partner that shares our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology,” said David Gendry, vice president and chief commercial officer with BWT Alpine F1 Team and vice president of communications for the Alpine brand in a news release. “We look forward to continuing our work towards visual excellence and introduce more state-of-the-art solutions with the work that we are doing with Shamir.”

A recent project unveiled in 2023 was the Shamir Driver Intelligence™ lenses the help improve driving performance and safety by enhancing color contrasts to reduce glare, regardless of lighting conditions. The lenses work to change light exposure to the eyes, reduce eye fatigue, and improve reaction time, whether during the day or night.2

The partnership initially began 4 years ago, with the intention of introducing reduced glare goggle and colored visors and anti-fog lenses for pit crew helmets to the F1 team. Additionally, the partnership allows the Alpine F1 Team track team access to ophthalmic follow-ups.3

“We are proud to continue our technical partnership with the BWT Alpine F1 Team, and we look forward to unlocking even greater visual performance with the team,” stated Yagen Moshe, Shamir Optical CEO in the news release. “Our continued partnership provides a unique avenue for Shamir to pursue our passion for innovation and developing unique and ground-breaking products. A wonderful collaboration as we have with the BWT Alpine F1 team, in a sport where performance is everything and every 0.1% matters, is perfectly in line with the Shamir mission of improving quality of life by improving vision.”

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