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Shamir releases Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™ coating on Transitions™ Signature® GEN 8 Brown and Grey


The patented AR lens coating creates thinner, stronger lenses than the alternative, and is now available to patients who love Transitions lenses.

Shamir releases Glacier PLUS Metaform coating on Transitions Signature GEN 8 Brown and Grey

Today, Shamir announced that Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™ AR coating is now available on Transitions™ Signature® GEN 8 Brown and Grey. The Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™ technology has been creating lighter lenses since 2021, but the coating availability for Transitions™ lenses creates new opportunities for optometrists to create custom solutions for their patients.

The Preform process combines its patented coating structure with a super resistant optical film that is traditionally used in the automobile, aviation, and space industries due to its impact resistance. Using advanced algorithms to ensure optical and physical properties of its multifeatured Preform are index-matched, Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™ precisely and reliably creates uniform lenses that are thinner, lighter, and free from common pitfalls of standard coatings, such as Newton rings, undesired light dispersion effects, and other visual imperfections.

The Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™ is a novel lens coating process, which eliminates the need to choose between light, thin, or durable lenses. The Glacier PLUS™ AR coating creates lenses that are up to 20% thinner and lighter than regular minus lenses and up to 18 times stronger than the FDA standard requirement. The result is a compromise-free lens that is strong, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable. Additionally, the coating process is up to 80% more energy efficient than the alternatives, which is attractive to both clinicians and patients.

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