Simple prosthetic lens service boosts customer satisfaction

Prosthetic contact lens fitting is a service that optometrists can easily incorporate within their practice to achieve gratifying results for themselves and their patients.

"Optometrists practicing in a community setting are likely to see patients on a fairly regular basis that might benefit from a prosthetic [CL] because of therapeutic or cosmetic needs. However, lack of familiarity with the available products may have prevented them from offering this technology," said Dr. Sanders, assistant professor, and coordinator, ocular prosthetics service, Southern California College of Optometry, Fullerton, CA.

"Ready-made prosthetic lenses as well as tinted custom designs offer relatively easy alternatives for providing effective, life-enhancing solutions for these patients," she noted.

A full ophthalmic history-including use of previous technologies-and examination must be conducted with attention to the ocular tissues, tear film, and eye alignment.

"These lenses require a trial fitting, but can be used fairly consistently, with good success defined as the patient being able to reach the maximum desired wearing time without sustaining damage to the underlying tissue," she said.