‘Together, we can TAKE on glaucoma’


Direct your glaucoma patients to a new consumer-friendly Web site developed by the Glaucoma Foundation, the Alliance for Aging Research, and Merck.


Help your patients to identify and manage glaucoma by recommending TAKE on Glaucoma. TAKE on Glaucoma is a consumer-directed online program developed, in partnership, by the Glaucoma Foundation, the Alliance for Aging Research, and Merck, and is funded by Merck.

The site notes: Patients must be their own best advocate for eye health. There is no substitute for an educated and empowered patient. In addition, the following disclaimer appears frequently: The findings from this quiz do not replace talking to your eye doctor. Only your eye doctor can diagnose and help you create a disease management plan for glaucoma.

The home page concisely emphasizes the need for and the benefits of working with eye-care professionals on glaucoma matters. Other pages enable visitors to discover more about the disease. Quizzes can help make learning easier to take. Here we have F.R.A.M.E. Your Risks, which explores glaucoma risk factors-family history, race, age, myopia, and eye pressure. A second quiz, Diagnosed With Glaucoma, tests users’ understanding of how to take an active role in managing the condition.

The Web site also has a downloadable call-to-action to help patients learn about major issues and insights in glaucoma detection and management.

The TAKE on Glaucoma campaign was developed by The Glaucoma Foundation, Alliance for Aging Research, and Merck to educate Americans about glaucoma and empower those who are living with the condition to take an active role in managing glaucoma.

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