Twitter reacts to eclipse with ‘my eyes hurt’ trending

A quick look at Twitter shows that many eclipse viewers are now complaining of ocular pain after taking a peek without proper eye protection. See what people are saying on Twitter after the eclipse!

Just a few days ago, the Great American Eclipse happened. Media coverage leading up to the event was astronomical, and we jumped into the story as well here and here. (In fact, our first story is our top-read story of the month!)

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But even with the media cautioning eclipse viewers to use eye protection, providing sources to purchase eclipse glasses, and offering tips on how to create safe viewing devices at home, many people didn’t heed the warning. Including U.S. President Donald Trump.

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A quick look at Twitter shows that many eclipse viewers are now complaining of ocular pain after taking a peek without proper eye protection.

See what people are saying on Twitter after the eclipse!

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The solar eclipse happened where I live yesterday. I accidentally looked at the sun a few times without my glasses and my eyes hurt so bad

- Katelyn May (@katelynmayx) August 22, 2017



Don't look at the #eclipse, it'll hurt your eyes. Whatever. You're not the vision boss of me. Seems fine to 3jfutpjy! Gtybvtp?

- Troy Vera (@TroyVera) August 22, 2017



In pain or just crying again? Maybe his eyes hurt from staring at the eclipse...

- Robert Scibek (@robbie_sci) August 22, 2017



I looked up at the eclipse for about 15 seconds and my eyes still hurt uM should I be concerned

- GABRIEL (@GABRIEL01048440) August 22, 2017



Google search trend in USA for 'My eyes hurt' vs Solar eclipse time and locations. Interesting.

- (@rabish308) August 22, 2017



Why in the heavens are people driving 70mph this morning? The eclipse hurt your eyes that bad?

- Samuel (@king_size_bed_) August 22, 2017



So how many of y'all hurt your eyes by looking up at the eclipse yesterday?

- Nard #Billllly #BMS (@BMS_Nard) August 22, 2017



my eyes hurt, is this cuz i stared death in the eyes today when i made eye contact with the eclipse

- soph (@jadoreven) August 22, 2017



I saw a lot of "my eyes hurt" tweets, after the eclipse. If you looked at the eclipse, with no eye protection, you deserve whatever you get.

- Kakarot's Mistress (@Punisher15688) August 22, 2017



Had a staring contest with the eclipse my eyes and head hurt like hell #dumbass

- Vaneeza sharif (@Vaneezasharif) August 22, 2017



Hurt your eyes during the eclipse? Remember that things could be much worse..!

- Zeke Lugmair (@Zervel) August 22, 2017



Looked at eclipse without glasses
Looking for:
Why do my eyes hurt

- Captain Baka (@Bakanaut) August 22, 2017



Can't tell if my eyes hurt because I'm tired or because I scrolled through a thousand bright pictures of the eclipse.

- Noel (@noelprasad) August 22, 2017



My eyes hurt from looking at the eclipse ugh

- Ashෆ (@ashk47_) August 22, 2017



'Eyes Hurt': People Still Looked Right at the Solar Eclipse -

- Crucial-Tech (@crucial_tech) August 22, 2017



I thought I was a tough guy earlier for staring at the eclipse with my naked eyes but science wasn't lying they really do hurt

- Sarah Dillon (@sarahjessdillon) August 22, 2017



Brandon: "My eyes hurt. I shouldn't have looked at the eclipse."
Me: "Yea. You should've turned around, bright eyes."

- Jessi (@TheSlayer_J) August 22, 2017



the eclipse happened during my lunch period so guess who stared at the sun for like 5 seconds w/o glasses and that his eyes kinda hurt now

- felix (@baIthazarbratt) August 22, 2017



i looked at the solar eclipse and my eyes hurt so bad after words and i've had a head ache ever since

- VANNAH (@snewbaker3) August 22, 2017



i had the proper glasses for the eclipse and still decided to look directly at the sun. i am who i am and yes my eyes still hurt

- (@californiacamx) August 22, 2017



Does anyone else's eyes hurt just from looking at the pics of the eclipse or is it just me??

- ʜᴏʟʟʏ (@hollyjo03) August 22, 2017



The eclipse taught me how much self control I have and it's none because I was staring at it and hurt my eyes #SolarEclispe2017

- Jack (@story_of_morey) August 22, 2017



I love that all my American friends had glasses for the solar eclipse & in JA we're sneaking glances at the sun hoping not to hurt our eyes

- Simi C (@simichata) August 22, 2017





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