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VEE 2023: Hear what's new with Lumenis


Catch up on what to expect from Lumenis.

Itay Mayer, vice president of Lumenis, caught up with Optometry Times® to share an update on the company and its products, which is showcased during the 2023 Vision Expo East meeting in New York, New York.

Video transcript

Emily Kaiser:

Hi, everyone. I'm Emily Kaiser with Optometry Times. And I'm sitting down with Itay Mayor, who is the vice president of Lumenis and is at Vision Expo East 2023 in New York City. Welcome! Can you tell us a little bit about what Lumenis is up to?

Itay Mayer:

Thank you, Emily. We're super excited to be here. And thank you so much for the time.

Yes. So about a year and a half ago, Lumenis received the approval from the FDA for IPL [Intense Puled Light therapy] for treating dry eye. That was a huge moment for us. And in the past year and a half, OptiLight has been a great success for Lumenis.

This year, at Vision Expo East, we are introducing OptiLight 2.0, which basically streamlines the entire treatment with OptiLight, makes it much easier to use the software, and therefore makes the treatment much quicker. And not only that, the OptiLight 2.0 allows physicians to connect the system directly to the EMR. And therefore, after each treatment, after each session, a report is generated automatically and sent to the EMR. And that, of course, is also in order to save the doctors time and to have patients on the chair.

And also we have another capability that we have been producing here, which is remote connectivity. And it allows us to support our doctors remotely and more easily with any service or implementation issue that they may have with the system. So this is great, and we're super excited to have it.

And but not only that, we are also just launched our new direct consumer campaign, and we call it, "Not going to live with it." And the objective of this campaign is to increase awareness for dry eye among patients and to make sure that our doctors see those patients after they are informed about dry eye and after they are informed that there is a solution for dry eye that is called OptiLight.


Fantastic. Is there anything in particular that you're showcasing at Vision Expo East?


Yes. So we are showcasing OptiLight 2.0 as I mentioned, and a new system for creating SLT. As the scope of optometry is expanding, and more and more states allow doctors to treat with lasers, we are featuring our newest system for SLT, called Digital Duet, and we're calling more and more doctors to adopt SLT as a first-line treatment for glaucoma.


Fantastic. Oh, thank you so much for taking the time to chat today and I can't wait to hear more.


Thank you Emily. It's great being here.

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