Vision Expo East 2024: NewSight Reality shares next-gen Transparent Optical Module (TOM) 2.0


The new model features stray light shielding, active micro-lens optics, improved power efficiency, and a scalable platform.

augmented reality glasses concept new prototype unveiled at Vision Expo East - KDdesignphoto

(Image credit: Adobe Stock / KDdesignphoto)

NewSight Reality unveiled the next generation of its Transparent Optical Module (TOM) 2.0 at the 2024 Vision Expo East in New York City. The new version of the Augmented Reality (AR) enablement technology improved a few key features, including active micro-lens optics, a patented stray light shielding solution, increased power efficiency, and a scalable platform. The aim is to integrate real-world surroundings with relevant digital information via near-eye transparent display and lens applications, which NewSight Reality claims to achieve in the latest iteration of TOM.

“Augmented Reality is all about enhancing the visual information experience,” Read Ziegler, CEO of NSR, said in a press release. “TOM 2.0 is another significant milestone toward NSR’s objective of providing an AR experience that is versatile and organic, but is also there when it’s mission-critical.”

The research for TOM and TOM 2.0 began with optical scientists and Silicon Valley technologists, but was supported and sped up via US military contracts. The latest iteration maximizes clarity, visibility, and power efficiencies to improve performance. The stray light shielding solution was recently awarded a patent for its tubular stray light, which focuses light toward the user’s eye. The active micro-lens optics preserve transparency and increase power efficiency through its dynamic design.

These advancements were created in collaboration with Kent State University, Mojo Vision (provider of micro-LED), and Synapse (a division of Capgemini). The collaboration was born out of a desire to advance AR, virtual reality (VR), and extended reality (XR) technology.

"At NSR, we are pioneering and building the future of AR to overcome technical barriers that have prevented AR from reaching its full potential,” Svetlana Samoilova, Chief Technology Officer of NewSight Reality, said in a press release. “TOM 2.0 provides the efficiency and scalability required for AR product mass adoption.”

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