Shelby May


Shelby is a third-year student at Southern College of Optometry. She is particularly interested in Vision Therapy and Pediatrics. Any hours not spent studying or writing are enjoyed playing board games, giggling at cat memes, and baking.


3 tips to improve doctor-driven dispensing as a student

Third-year student Shelby May gives her three tips to improve doctor-driven dispensing skills as a student. She explains how ODs can differentiate themselves from their online competitors.

5 true pieces of advice first-years hate hearing

Advice can come in many forms and from many sources. Shelby May, offers a third-year student's perspective on what it is like receiving advice as a first-year.

Growing up in optometry and carving my own path

This initial blog falls squarely into the tale-telling category of “why I love optometry,” but I feel this particular tale is a great way to introduce myself.