AAOpt 2023: Rapid fire review of dry eye therapies


A rapid fire session details what's in the pipeline for ocular surface dryness therapies.

At the 2023 American Academy of Optometry Meeting (AAOpt) meeting Mila Ioussifova, OD, FAAO, co-presented the session, "Sunny With a Chance of Tears: What's in the Forecast for Ocular Surface Dryness Therapies?" Doll presented alongside Tracy Doll, OD, FAAO; Lisa Hornick, OD, MBA, FAAO; and Pamela E. Theriot, OD, FAAO.

Video transcript

Editor's note: This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Mila Ioussifova, OD, FAAO:
Hi, I'm Dr Mila Ioussifova. I am the optometrist and owner at South Waterfront Eye Care in Portland, Oregon.

Yes, it's a really exciting rapid fire lecture titled, "Sunny with a Chance of Tears, Forecast in Ocular Surface Dryness Therapies." So it's gonna be weather themed lectures. We're gonna have some props and have fun and discuss all the new technologies and all the advanced treatments in dry eye and what's coming also. It's a jam packed lecture. We have a lot of information, so we're not gonna get into too much detail of everything because there's so much to cover.

It's really exciting because we'll be able to touch on everything that's new in dry eye therapies, but also a little bit on how to implement it [and] how to use it in clinic. But again, it's going to be really quick. We're gonna be able to cover a lot in just under an hour.

The future of dry eyes [is] looking bright. We have a lot of new technologies and treatments in the pipelines and we have a lot [more] already great options for our patients now than we did 5, 10 years ago. It's an exciting time to actually treat patients with dry eye because a lot of these patients really need a lot of help. So, having the tools that we have now, this is the best time to actually treat dry eye because we have so many options for our patients.

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