ABB Optical now authorized manufacturer of Rose K

ABB Optical group now manufacturers Rose K lenses, including the new Rose K2 XL.

Coral Springs, FL-ABB Optical Group has become an authorized manufacturer of the line of Rose K lenses, including the new Rose K2 XL. The company has been the largest distributor of Rose K lenses over the past 15 years.

Rose K2 XL is a semi–scleral lens designed for a variety of irregular cornea conditions, indicated for keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, post graft, post–LASIK ectasia, and other irregular corneal conditions.

New fitting guides featuring Rose K family of lenses, including Rose K2, a new Rose K2 XL fitting guide, and diagnostic fitting sets for the Rose K2 and Rose K2 XL lenses will soon be available from ABB Optical.

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