Alcon launches new multifocal contact lens for presbyopia


The TOTAL30 multifocal contact lens helps address the needs of visual and comfort for patients with presbyopia.

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The launch of TOTAL30 multifocal joins Alcon’s TOTAL30 portfolio, which also includes TOTAL30 sphere lenses and TOTAL30 for astigmatism. (Adobe Stock / Pixel-Shot)

Alcon has launched TOTAL30 multifocal contact lenses for patients with presbyopia. TOTAL30 is the first monthly water gradient multifocal contact lens on the market, and can be found in the United States and in select international markets.1

Developing as eyes age, presbyopia is a gradual decline of the eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects and is an eye condition that is a natural part of aging.1,2 Many contact lens wearers find themselves ditching contact lenses after age 40 because of lens dryness, discomfort, and visual acuity issues, switching to bifocals or reading glasses.1,3 Increased digital use also plays a role in contact lens and eye dryness;1,4 however, the TOTAL30 lens combats digital device dryness with its water gradient technology, delivering nearly 100% water at the lens’ surface.1,5,6

“With water gradient technology, DAILIES TOTAL1 multifocal has become the #1 selling daily disposable multifocal contact lens in the U.S. alone,” said Ian Bell, President of Global Business and Innovation at Alcon in a news release.7

“Now, with the introduction of TOTAL30 Multifocal, we’re bringing the exceptional comfort of water gradient technology to contact lens wearers with presbyopia who prefer a monthly replacement schedule. The lens material approaches 100% water at the surface so all that touches your eye is a gentle cushion of moisture.5,6 This will not only transform the multifocal lens-wearing experience, but also ensure an exceptional fitting experience for eye care professionals.”8,9

The launch of TOTAL30 multifocal joins Alcon’s TOTAL30 portfolio, which also includes TOTAL30 sphere lenses and TOTAL30 for astigmatism.

“Multifocal contact lenses have been a key source of customers and referrals for my practice,” Jessica Crooker, OD, said in a press release.

“Many patients are simply unaware that there are multifocal contact lens options. So, when I introduce them to Alcon’s multifocal lenses, they’re thrilled to have their vision without having to rely on over-the-counter reading glasses. Now, with TOTAL30 Multifocal, along with DAILIES TOTAL1 Multifocal, I’m delighted to offer my patients a monthly replacement and daily disposable contact lens option with the exceptional comfort of water gradient technology.”1,2

At day 30, the TOTAL30 multifocal contact lens still provides excellent comfort, according to Alcon’s new release.1 The lens’ precision profile designs fits in 2 easy steps and delivers a 96% success rate, providing excellent visual acuity at all distances—near and far. The TOTAL30 multifocal helps address the vision and comfort needs found in the global market.1

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