Alcon partners with NFL star Cooper Kupp on eye allergy campaign

The new partnership supports Alcon's Pataday Once Daily Relief Extra Strength eye drops as treatment for eye allergies.

Alcon and Cooper Kupp, a wide receiver on the NFL's Los Angeles Rams team, have partnered on a new campaign spotlighting eye allergy treatment, the company announced Monday.

The partnership supports Alcon's Pataday Once Daily Relief Extra Strength, which is the first 24-hour allergy itch relief eye drop available in the US without a prescription.

Kupp will participate in the "The Right Tool for the Job" full-scale media campaign, which will highlight his personal history of eye allergy symptoms and seeking relief treatment with Alcon's product, as well as encourage consumers to use the drops for their own eyeallergy relief.

In a statement, he shared how seasonal allergy flare ups and pollen have often lead to him suffering from itchy eyes—a distraction during training camp and on the field during games. The drops have since allowed him to control his symptoms.

As an antihistamine eye drop, Pataday works by offering fast and long-lasting allergy itch relief to those experiencing allergic conjunctivits, according to the company.