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AOA 2023: Investigating 3-layer amniotic membrane graft as an emerging treatment for ocular surface disease


Harmin Chima, OD, met with Optometry Times to discuss treatment options for ocular surface disease with Biovance's 3-layer amniotic membrane graft.

Video Transcript

Editor's note: this transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Harmin Chima, OD:

Hello, everybody. My name is Harmin Chima, and I practice in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Our poster focused on Biovance's 3L membrane, which is a triple-layer amniotic membrane for ocular surface disease and for eye injuries.

Over 7 million people suffer from dry eye disease, and a lot of these patients are not finding relief from traditional therapies like artificial tears, punctal occlusion, and immunomodulators. So, we really wanted to focus on a more robust form of treatment, and we wanted to explore how the Biovances's triple-layer membrane would work with our patients. We treated 18 eyes in the clinical study, and we found a vast improvement across multiple metrics. The most important metrics were the SPEED score, which is a questionnaire to objectify your dry eye disease and best-corrected visual acuity. In both categories, we saw significant improvement across the board.

I think, clinically, this product has tremendous potential because we're seeing so many patients that are not getting the relief that they need for dry eye disease. So, we have another tool in our pocket for our patients that have more significant ocular surface disease in addition to ocular injuries, like corneal abrasions and recurrent corneal erosions.

So in conclusion, Biovance triple-layer membrane is a novel, easy to handle, decellularized membrane that we can use on our patients with significant ocular surface disease and corneal injuries.

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