AOA 2024: Clinical evaluation of a novel lipid-containing eye drop versus an existing lubricating eye drop


Jade Coats, OD, details 2 poster presentations on the benefits found in a novel lipid-containing eye drop during AOA's 2024 Optometry's Meeting.

Jade Coats, OD, gave 2 posters presentations at this year's AOA Optometry's Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, running from June 19-22. Both presentations were on clinical findings of a novel lipid-containing eye drop.

Video transcript

Editor's note: This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Jade Coats, OD:

Hi, my name is Jade Coats and I practice at McDonald Eye Associates in northwest Arkansas. Today I was able to present 2 posters at AOA and both of them involving lipid-based nano-emulsion drop technology. And what we found, the reason why we really studied this and really the reason why we dove deeper is because there might be a level of concern that practitioners have when we add a lipid to an artificial tear, that it could blur vision. Well, in this case, what we studied was a non-inferiority study versus a non-lipid containing eyedrops. And not only did we find that it improved comfort compared to baseline, but it also had beneficial effects on vision at the endpoint. So what we have found with this study is we tend to divide dry eye patients into aqueous deficient or evaporative dry eye, but in realistic times, they're really a combination of both. And so what we found in this study is that lipid nano[-emulsion] eyedrops may be beneficial for all. They may be beneficial for both categories of dry eye and ocular surface disease.

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