Change is good


I have had the good fortune to serve as associate optometric editor for Optometry Times. Working with my sage Chief Optometric Editor Dr. Ernie Bowling and ODT’s Editor in Chief, the dynamic Gretchyn Bailey, has not only been fun, it has been an education!

Change is opportunity.

I learned firsthand about the inner workings of publishing and what drives media content. I ventured beyond the familiar printed word into digital, video, and application-delivered information. I navigated advisory boards, editorial boards, roundtables, and Google Hangouts. I was introduced to the sometimes-amorphous rules of “deal-making” and “deal-breaking.”

Change is a harbinger of possibilities.

A new associate optometric editor is on her way to Optometry Times. Her fresh perspective and unique experiences will flavor the publication with new spice. She will be a stalwart guard of the authenticity, transparency, and editorial integrity that is Optometry Times.

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly,” says Henri Bergson.

Although I wince a bit at the word “mature,” I do embrace the essence of Monsieur Bergson’s statement. I foretaste re-creating myself, and creating for you, my colleagues, as I remain on the Optometry Times Editorial Advisory Board. Ciao!ODT

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