Future leading optometrists compete at Student Bowl

See some of the highlights, including the final question, of the 2016 Varilux Optometry Study Bowl!

These are the smartest students in town! Student Bowl! #OM2016#optometry

- Optometry Times (@OptometryTimes) July 1, 2016

The moderator can't finish reading the questions before students are buzzing in their answers #OM2016#optometrypic.twitter.com/5XoHdSxgon

- Optometry Times (@OptometryTimes) July 1, 2016

More updates, plus video



Student buzzed in 1st: "I don't actually know the answer, I just wanted to win the buzzer once." Competitive, tight race! #OM2016#optometry

- Optometry Times (@OptometryTimes) July 1, 2016

AOA Student Bowl #OM2016 #optometry

A video posted by Optometry Times (@optometrytimes) on Jun 30, 2016 at 4:43pm PDT

Final Question


Spectcle lens has Rx of -4.5 -1.5x045 w/base curve +2 What lens clock reading on concave surface along 135degree meridian?#OM2016#optometry

- Optometry Times (@OptometryTimes) July 1, 2016    

And the answer is...


Answer to final question in Student Bowl: -8 D. Congrats to winner Evan Andrews, from MCO! #OM2016#optometry#variluxOSB

- Optometry Times (@OptometryTimes) July 1, 2016

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