Heru expands AMD portfolio with new launch


With the launch of dark adaptation, Heru is now the only platform on the AMD market to include contrast sensitivity and dark adaptation exams.

 Heru has released dark adaptation, the latest modality for its wearable health and wellness platform, the company announced Wednesday.

Image credit: Heru.

Heru announced Wednesday that it has released the latest modality to its wearable health and wellness platform screening line-up: dark adaptation.

With this launch, Heru is now the only platform on the market to include contrast sensitivity and dark adaptation exams—establishing itself as the leader for its age-related macular degeneration (AMD) portfolio.

Impaired dark adaptation is known as one of the earliest indicators for AMD detection. The new platform works by measuring the eye’s ability to adjust from light to dark environments, according to a news release.

Different from legacy devices, the dark adaptation exam is non-invasive and quick—taking as little as 4.5 minutes for a rapid exam or 20 minutes for an extended machine, the company reported.

Additionally, the exam is billable to insurance (national reimbursement average of $58.83), is co-billable with visual fields, OCT, fundus imaging, and/or office visits, and has multiple supported ICD-10 codes.

“With this release, Heru can confidently say we are leading the way in vision and now AMD, transforming how clinicians are able to evaluate retinal function,” stated Mohamed Abou Shousha, MD, PhD, Heru CEO and founder.

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