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InDispensable Briefs


Converse Eyewear, John Varvatos, and Blackfin all introduce new collections. Coburn releases a new polishing compound, Digi-Sheen Pro.

Converse Eyewear unleashes Fall 2013 collection

Converse Eyewear’s Fall 2013 release consists of bright colors, mixed materials, and unforgettable shapes.

• The Q010, seen above, has an oval, metal front with acetate temples. The bright colors are sporty and edgy, while the shape is purely classic. With a Converse logo and laser patterned design along the temple, it is available in black with pink, brown with yellow, purple with blue, and red with black.

• The Q011 has a laser engraved design on the corner of each square front and TR-90 temples that are very flexible. This style, seen above, is available in black with blue temple, brown with yellow temple, deep purple with purple temple, and burgundy with pink temple.

• The Q012 has a classic metal front and bright metal temples that are available in matte black with brown temple, matte brown with orange temples, matte dark gunmetal with yellow temples, and matte navy with grey temples.

• A textured temple featuring the Converse All Star logo, the Q013 is available in black, brown, gunmetal, and navy.

• The Q014 frame, seen above, features a rounded front crafted with handmade acetate and peek-a-boo TR-90 temples, and a Converse logo. It is available in black stripe with navy temples, brown stripe with orange temples, tortoise with teal temples, and crystal with red temples.

• The Q015, seen above, has a rectangle front and squared-edge temples with gradient color fades. A handcrafted acetate front creates depth and dimension. It is available in black with gun to silver gradient, brown stripe with brown to orange gradient, olive stripe with olive gradient, and navy with grey to blue gradient.

• The color choices for the B001 sunglasses range from demure black to bohemian tort to pink gradient.

• B002 has a rectangle shape with lightweight stainless steel front, and a Converse All Star logo. It is available in black, matte blue with blue mirror lenses, and gunmetal with red mirror lens. 

• R001 is a classic rectangle sunglass with polarized lenses and rubberized nose pads and temple tips. It is available in black with blue mirror lens, brown gradient, and grey stripe. 

• A thicker-profile aviator, R002 offers polarized lenses and rubberized nose pads and temple tips. It is available in black gradient, forest, and slate.

John Varvatos and REM Eyewear release Fall 2013 Collection

The Fall 2013 addition to the John Varvatos eyewear collection delivers on the elements that have established the brand.

• V148: The V148 has a double bar bridge, rounded rectangle front, and hidden elements, including handcrafted tort temple tips and handwrapped leather temples.

• V358: The V358, seen above, offers a rounded front, clean keyhole bridge and the trademark Varvatos guitar stock hinge.

• V356: V356, seen above, has a small round front and handmade acetate.

• V787: With a double brow bar created in contrasting materials, classic aviator sun V787 mingles handmade matte acetate temples and metal brow bar.

• V788: V788’s has a delicate metal frame and leather inlay temple tips and top bar.

• V790: The V790 has an acetate frame, deep tones, a pressed pattern temple, and precise lines.

• V791: V791 is a robust acetate frame with the trademark Varvatos guitar stock hinge and mirrored lenses.

The Blackfin Collection

The Blackfin collection embodies all the tradition of this brand and goes several steps further, with more slender lines, lighter materials, original designs, and richer colors.

The new Blackfin Zero Edge has a hi-tech rim that balances on an ultra-thin layer of beta-titanium. Weighing in at only 4.1 grams, this frame displays the best of Blackfin technology with Atom Zero flexi-joints, and patented Swordfish Mini temple-tips.

One feature is the range of colors, as in the model for men’s BF698 Coney, seen above, whose taut, sculpted lines lend emphasis to the blue and red tones or the more classic dark brown, titanium grey, and gunmetal shades. Blackfin’s BF699 Tory has lines that are ultra-slender and light, offered in bright green, purple and midnight blue.

BF696 Daytona stands out for its decisive top rim contrasting with the deeper, more rounded lens shape. This spectacle frame in pure titanium offers a choice of bold contrasting colors on the front and temples in dark brown and anthracite.

Coburn Technologies introduces Digi-Sheen Pro digital polishing solution

Coburn Technologies recently introduced its latest polishing compound Digi-Sheen Pro.

Features include:

• Formulation for use in both digital and conventional polishers

• Low-viscosity formulation

• Non-corrosive formula

• Ideal for use with most digital soft-tool laps 

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