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Zyloware's collection debuts 2014 line. Santinelli introduces a new edging station. Carrera releases Jimmy Choo sunglass collection. and Rudy Project each have offerings for the outdoor active crowd. Gulden introduces the Bishop Dual Prism System for large angle strabismus.

Zyloware’s collection introduces 2014 line

Port Chester, NY-Zyloware Eyewear recently introduced its new eyewear line for January 2014.

After the initial launch in May 2013 and additional style launches last September, further expanded the collection with 5 styles and 11 SKUs. The iconic globe logo is incorporated in every style, branding the collection.

LX 106M is a combination frame with a full rim metal front, an inlaid metal plaque on the curved zyl temples, and wrapping metal temple leads to the epoxy-filled trademark globe logo. Colors are Black and Shiny Mink in size 51-17-135.

LX 122Z, seen above, is a full rim zyl frame offered in Cream Tortoise and Eggplant colors. A metal logo treatment unites the front with beveled temples. Size 50-16-140.

LX 123Z, seen above, is a modified cat-eye frame offered in three elegant colors. Colors are Red Swirl, Light Blue, and Black Tortoise, with size 53-16-140.

LX 124Z seen above, has rounded, beveled corners. Colors are Black/Grey and Tortoise/Sage, with size 51-14-135.

LX 125M is a full-rim milled metal frame featuring beveled metal temples globe logo plaque. This feminine, clean-lined rectangular frame in available in colors Eggplant and Mocha, with size 51-15-135.

Santinelli introduces new LE-700 edging station

Hauppauge, NY-Santinelli International introduces its most compact and economical lens finishing system, the LE-700 Edging Station.

The space-saving unit introduces “tracer-free” technology, measuring demo lenses and patterns within the processing chamber. In addition to tracing the demo lens circumference, its front curve is measured to obtain 3-D tracing data and perform accurate 3-D edging. The option to add-on a front-loading frame tracer, which handles high-wrap frames, is also available. Its low measurement pressure minimizes frame distortion, assuring accuracy. 

Carrera releases Jimmy Choo capsule sunglass collection

London-Carrera recently released a new Jimmy Choo sunglass collection.

Carrera’s latest best-seller, the Carrera 6000 is dressed by Jimmy Choo in 5 finishes. These designs are made possible by manufacturing techniques of Optyl, using a high-performance material, which is ultra-lightweight, strong and hypoallergenic. A thin silk sheet inserted inside the frame enhances the premium effect of the new sunglasses, boosted by the finish of the metal logo on the temple.

Glitter, seen above in black and nude glitter, is also available in dark gold.

Leopard features black and gold camouflage.

Limited Edition, seen above, features gold plated lenses in contrast to the leopard graphics lining the Optyl frame. hits cyberspace with outdoor active niche

Salt Lake City, announced its entrance into the online optics arena with a focus on the outdoors and active lifestyles. With brands such as Oakley, Smith, Electric, Von Zipper, SPY, RAEN, IVI, Zeal and Arnette, is providing its customers with simple experience while matching it with its passion for the great outdoors.

Previously, athletes had limited choices on where to get eyewear that met their rigorous physical demands. The staff is focused on providing options to an audience that has been largely ignored in the past. 

Rudy Project introduces 2 versatile RX styles

Denver, CO-Rudy Project recently released 2 new RX models–the Indyo and DNA|carbon.

The sport utility frame of Indyo serves up an eyewear solution that adapts to different contexts: from cycling to running, from tennis to golf, from the office to a night out on the town. The Sport Utility Frame has patented, removable optical direct clips, which allow opticians to mount many types of Rx lenses, without a wide range of parameters. This style also has 360° fully adjustable temple tips and adjustable ultra-light optical nosepiece.

The DNA|carbon is available in full, half and frameless models, this sleek eyewear combines well-known Rudy features such as fully adjustable temple tips, with a Beta Titanium chassis, compression mounts (rimless models) and Carbon/AluTech fiber inserts. The DNA|carbon is available in Gun Red, Chrome Grey or Gun Lime.

Gulden introduces the Bishop Dual Prism System for large angle strabismus

Elkins Park, PA-Gulden Ophthalmics recently introduced the Bishop Dual Prism Alignment System, a tool developed to provide advantages in measuring large-angle strabismus prior to correction. Large-angle strabismus refers to the angle of deviation between the line of sight of the straight eye and that of the misaligned eye. 

Accurately measuring the degree of strabismus using prisms is important when preparing for strabismus correction. Less than ideal results in strabismus surgery may be due in part to errors in the measurement of strabismic deviations. Because plastic prisms are available with a maximum of 50 prism diopters (PD), deviations larger than this require the simultaneous use of 2 prisms. However, stacking 2 prisms in the same direction in front of the same eye often leads to measurement errors. Large deviations are best measured by dividing the prism power between the 2 eyes, holding each of the 2 prisms in the frontal (coronal) plane. But holding 2 prisms in front of the eyes requires 2 hands or considerable dexterity–and still errors can result.

With the Bishop tool, 2 base-in or base-out prisms are held in place using magnetic fixation to a metal plate with a ferrous surface. The tool with the 2 prisms can be positioned using one hand, freeing the other hand. The prisms can be placed base in, base out, spaced for the patient’s PD, and are held correctly in the horizontal and frontal planes by magnetic fixation to the plate.

A portion of each sale of the Bishop tool is donated to the Children’s Eye Foundation.

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