MediSafe launches Web page for prescribing reminder app

Help your patients increase mediation adherence with a prescription app by MediSafe Project.

Haifa, Israel-MediSafe Project now features a Prescription Page on its Web site,, turning its top-rated “pillbox app” into a tool to help doctors increase patients’ medication adherence.

Doctors who visit http://Doctors.MediSafeProject.comcan enter their contact information along with patients’ names and e-mail addresses. Those patients will receive e-mails with information about MediSafe Project and a personalized invitation to download the app. The Prescription Page is SSL secure; all data entered remains private.

“It’s incredibly validating to know doctors believe so strongly in MediSafe Project’s effectiveness as a medication reminder to prescribe it to their patients,” said Omri ‘Bob’ Shor, co-founder and chief executive officer of MediSafe Project.