OpenYour Eyes Broadcasting kicks off

Open Your Eyes Technology is excited to announce the launch of OpenYour Eyes Broadcasting, the first-ever subscription-based content service designed exclusively for the vision community. O.Y.E. Broadcasting delivers monthly scientific entertainment to share on social media, websites and in-office presentations.

By delivering content worldwide directly to vision care professionals,O.Y.E can market a unified message on the importance of the role optometrists play in frontline healthcare. Through strategic partnerships with Optometry Times, O.Y.E continues to grow as the recognized leader in vision marketing space with its innovative and first-of-its-kind subscription-based content.

O.Y.E. has gained an edge with the launch of Open Your Eyes, a feature film that has been viewed in 125 countries and is soon to be re-released on major streaming platforms. The Open Your Eyes Podcast has more than350,000 global views as Optometrists from all over the world are opening their eyes to the vision marketing and entertainment material available at their fingertips. This solution offers great time-saving freedom to doctors who no longer need to rely on social media content creators and non-vision in-office entertainment.

Launch Date – January 2022

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