Optometrist takes 8th place in The Best Jobs of 2013

The job of optometrist makes the Top 10 list of best jobs, with physical therapist and computer systems analyst behind it.

Carlsbad, CA-CareerCast.com, a Web site for finding targeted job opportunities, ranked Optometrist in 8th place on its list of The Best Jobs of 2013.

In its review, CareerCast.com noted: Vision is critical to so many facets of everyday life, both for work and leisure. Because sight deteriorates due to age and strain, the work of an optometrist is especially beneficial as the U.S. population ages thanks to the large Baby Boom generation, who all expect 20/20 vision.

Criteria for judging the best jobs included financially and personally rewarding and promising growth in industries of ever-increasing importance.

The top 10 of CareerCast.com’s Best Jobs of 2013:

1. Actuary

2. Biomedical engineer

3. Software engineer

4. Audiologist

5. Financial planner

6. Dental hygienist

7. Occupational therapist

8. Optometrist

9. Physical therapist

10. Computer systems analyst