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Optometry Times welcomes Black EyeCare Perspective to the Strategic Alliance Partnership (SAP) program


Black Eye Care Perspectives strives to creates awareness and change the narrative of optometry from a profession, provider, and patient perspective

Optometry Times® , the leading source of news and information for optometry professionals in the United States, is thrilled to announce that Black EyeCare Perspectives has joined its Strategic Alliance Partnership (SAP).

"There is a growing awareness among industry members about the need to improve diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts, and health equity should be a top concern for all of us," said Mike Hennessy Jr., president and CEO of MJH Life Sciences™, parent company of Optometry Times®. "Guided by Black EyeCare Perspective, we look forward to strengthening DEI efforts throughout the eye care community and hope to contribute to the change in mindset of the next generation of industry professionals."

The SAP program brings leading medical associations together to achieve national reach and visibility.

Founded by optometrists Adam Ramsey and Darryl Glover, BlackEye Care Perspective fosters lifelong relationships between Black ophthalmologists and optometrists and the rest of the eye care industry. The organization is redefining the color of the industry by creating a pipeline for Black students into the field of optometry. With the first nationally recognized pre-optometry club, Black EyeCare Perspective ensures that not a single future Black student or optometrist is ignored, discouraged or disadvantaged.

The organization prides itself on three core values—health care enrichment, transformational impact and the championing of DEI. Through industry partnerships and programming support, Black EyeCare Perspective is dedicated to its 13% Promise, a call for equity in eye care through awareness, actionable change and accountability.

For more information on BlackEye Care Perspective, click here.

The SAP program partners leading medical associations, health plans, advocacy groups and medical institutions with each other for national reach and visibility. By utilizing the MJH Life Sciences™ communication platform, these groups can showcase cutting-edge initiatives, content, research and thought leadership. The SAP Program also fosters collaboration and an open exchange of information among trusted peers for the benefit of patients and their families.

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