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Pipeline update from Oyster Point Pharma


Jeff Nau, PhD, president and CEO of Oyster Point Pharma shares an update on the company's Tyrvaya product.

Jeff Nau, PhD, president and CEO of Oyster Point Pharma, sits down with Optometry Times during the 2022 American Academy of Optometry meeting in San Diego to give an update on the company's Tyrvaya product.

Editor's note: This transcript has been edited for clarity.

My name is Jeff Nau and I'm the President and CEO of Oyster Point Pharma. And I'm here at the American Academy of Optometry meeting, talking about Tyrvaya, which is the first and only nasal spray for the treatment of the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.

We're coming up on our one year anniversary since the launch of the product. And we've been really encouraged and excited about the adoption of Tyrvaya with the optometry community. And in particular, we're excited about the ways in which the optometry community has been using it to help their patients. We've had a great safety profile in this first year of launch, which is also something that we're really proud of and exciting with a new product entering into the marketplace.

We've heard tons of testimonials from both eye care providers and patients about how Tyrvaya has been able to help their dry eye disease. And we're really excited about what's to come in the next year. And so as we turn the corner with 2022 and into 2023, we're looking to bring on more coverage both on the commercial and the Medicare Part D side. We're really looking to advance the understanding of Tyrvaya within the optometry community through our future clinical trials, through our investigated initiated trials. And just really excited to hear from the community about how the product is being used for various different types of patients with dry eyes. We know that this is a very heterogeneous disease. And we have many patients with underlying disease that can benefit from their own natural tear film.

And so we really appreciate the support that the optometry community has given us throughout the year. It's a disruptive product. It's the first nasal spray that many optometrists are using in their clinic, and we're just really excited about how you've adopted it so far and looking forward to working with you going forward.

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