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Polishing up our print look


Do we look a bit fresher? Younger, maybe? Lost weight? I know, new haircut! Nope, we just got a bit of a makeover.

Do we look a bit fresher? Younger, maybe? Lost weight? I know, new haircut!

Nope, we just got a bit of a makeover. Just as we try to keep our content fresh for you, our esteemed readers, we want to look good for you, too.

We didn’t go hog wild in the juniors department at Nordstrom. We are updating a few key pieces, some highlights here and there, and a new lipstick or two.

OK, enough with the glamour analogies already.

We’ve worked hard over the past 18 months or so to improve the content we bring you. Content always has and always will be the nuts and bolts of a publication. If the articles, news, and stories aren’t good, you won’t consistently read it, no matter how snazzy the design.

Now that we consistently bringing you solid content within the pages, we’re focusing on the pages themselves. You’ll see a bit of a refresh on our opinion and feature pages. Our covers will lure you in-I mean, entice you to go deeper-with clinical content beginning with the first thing you see. You’ll see more over the coming months.

We could offer you the best content available, but if it isn’t graphically appealing, chances are you won’t read it. Our goal is to provide you great information in an easy-to-consume format, so you can find out what you need to know without wasting a lot of time.

As we work on these updates, we want to know what you think about our endeavors. Do you like these small changes? Did you even notice them? Should we take it even farther? Drop me a line with your impressions: gbailey@advanstar.com.ODT

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