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Shamir introduces Attitude III line, Shamir Duo


Shamir debuted its new Shamir Attitude III progressive sun line and Shamir Duo bifocal lenses Friday during Vision Expo East.

New York City-Shamir debuted its new Shamir Attitude III progressive sun line and Shamir Duo bifocal lenses Friday during Vision Expo East.

The Shamir Attitude III line includes the fashion, sport, and single-vision lenses. According to the company, all 3 designs offer EyePoint Technology III, which improves viewing experience regardless of lens power and frame choice, As-Worn Quadro, which provides ease of transition between frames. The sport and fashion also feature Natural Posture, which positions the near viewing zone within the lens corridor based on plus or minus power of the prescription, and IntelliCorridor, which allows Shamir’s designers to control the power profile of the lens based on the individual needs of the wearer, according to the company.

The Shamir Attitude III-Fashion is designed to meet day-to-day outdoor needs, with expanded vision zones and enhanced peripheral vision. This lens offers balanced far, intermediate, and near vision, and is available in 15 mm and 18 mm design fitting heights.

The Shamir Attitude III-Sport is a specialized progressive sun lens for active lifestyles, with a wide and distortion-free far vision zone. The lens also offers optimal vision in the “Safety Zone”-a 3 to 16 foot area in front of the athlete-that enables the wearer to identify obstacles in their path. This lens is available in an 18 mm fitting height.

The Shamir Attitude III-SV is a single-vision sun lens designed to provide maximized visual comfort for sport and outdoor needs, according to the company.

The Shamir Duo is a bifocal lens that does not have a visible line-nor the image jump and distortion with which it is associated. This lens is available in a variety of materials, tints, and coatings.

Both the Shamir Attitude III line and Shamir Due lenses will be available March 31. 

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