VEW 2022: Marketing for specialty lens practice


Jason Compton, OD, shares highlights from his VEW 2022 presentation, "Marketing for specialty lens practice."

Jason Compton, OD, founder and owner of Compton Eye Associates in New York, sat down with Optometry Times® editor Kassi Jackson to share hightlights from his presentation, "Marketing for specialty lens practice," which he presented during this year's Vision Expo West in Las Vegas.

This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity:


I'm joined today by Dr. Jason Compton, founder and owner of Compton Eye Associates in New York. He is here to share highlights from his discussion titled, "Marketing for specialty lens practice," which he's presenting during this year's Vision Expo West in Las Vegas.

Thank you for being here. Dr. Compton. Could you share a highlights version of your presentation?


A lot of times we come to conferences like this, and we get so much information. But it's hard to implement these things in our practice, or really, to, in a sense market these these tools and the strategies that we learned. So my lecture's designed to kind of help speed up that process so that the patients are aware of all the interesting things that you're learning and how they can benefit from these aspects of your practice.


Why is this so important to discuss?


It's important because if you're spending time and resources and having these products in your office, and your patients aren't benefiting from them, it's really unfortunately a waste. You have to be able to get patients understanding the benefits of what we're learning.


What do you hope the audience takes away from your discussion?


I hope that at the end of this lecture, the audience finds ways that they can strengthen their presence and really publicize their services and in essence, increase their patient base but not only increase your patient base work more efficiently with the patients that are existing in your practice.

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