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Vision Expo East 2024: Live Rinsada demonstration


At Vision Expo East 2024, Srinivas Kondapalli, MD, demonstrates how to use Rinsada to address ocular surface disease.

Rinsada, an irrigating lid retractor, designed to remove biofilms and irritants from the ocular surface, was demonstrated at Vision Expo East 2024 by creator Srinivas Kondapalli, MD.

Video transcript

Editor's note - This transcript has been edited for clarity.

You don't necessarily have to. Like if the patient as if, if they're, like comfortable with getting manipulated around the eye or if they wear contact lenses because they're in good shape, then you're probably [inaudible]. So put that there.

So the way it sets up is essentially it comes with a pre-filled syringe. [inaudible] Yeah, exactly, yeah. [inaudible] And then the way it works is you have the patient look down. You get the lip of the device underneath, and then you relax and then you can push. And your goal is to push hard and fast.

And same thing with the lower lid. Look up. Look at the lid with the device underneath and your push. That's entirely it. So pretty quick, pretty fast. And we can do it on the other eye too.

So are you all based in the UK? Okay. Okay, great. Are you all optometrists or ophthalmologist? Oh, yeah. Wow. Look down. Same idea.

So what would happen on people with sensitive eyes?

Yeah. So here, Jeff, why don't you squeeze really tight. So I'm going to have them a squeeze like as tight as possible. So squeeze as hard as you can. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze tight. So as long as you can get the lip of the device in, right? Squeeze squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, as hard as you can, it doesn't matter. Right? So then as long as the lip of the devices is in, then you're in good shape.

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