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What happened in optometry this week: February 26 - March 1


Catch up on what happened in optometry during the week of February 26-March 1.

Catch up with what Optometry Times shared this week:

You and Eye: Welcome to the podcast!

By Miriam Korik, OD, and Emily Kaiser Maharjan, Assistant Managing Editor

Join our host Miriam Korik, OD, as she ventures through the hot topics in optometry today. From new technology to jurisprudence of optometry, Dr Korik will host expert discussions on what really matters to the optometric community. Join her as she interviews subject matter experts, reviews research updates, and even lets us in on her practice management journey.

Prefer to listen on the go? You can follow the podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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New study identifies genes and cell types that potentially contribute to primary open-angle glaucoma formation

By Jordana Joy, Associate Editor

A new study has uncovered genes, biological processes, and cell types that may affect the pathogenesis of primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG).

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Brassica Pharma voluntarily recalls eye ointments for sterility concerns

By Jordana Joy, Associate Editor

A select number of eye ointments available at Walmart and CVS locations around the country have been voluntarily recalled by Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer Brassica Pharma due to lack of sterility assurance.

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Translocated gut bacteria possible cause of some inherited eye diseases

By Lynda Charters

An experimental murine study found that “sight loss in certain inherited eye diseases may be caused by gut bacteria and is potentially treatable by antimicrobials.”

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Keep your eye on the ball: Chicago Bulls, White Sox team eye doctor weighs in on treating athletes

By Jordana Joy, Associate Editor and Tracy Williams, OD, FAAO

Novice athletes with a serious love for their game have 1 dream: to make it to the majors. For 1 low vision specialist, the dream came true in the form of eye care.

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