X-Ide releases new eyewear collection

The new line features diamond coated frames

Immagine98’s eyewear brand, X-Ide, released its latest collection featuring diamond coated frames, which is the hallmark of this brand's latest endeavor. The line’s frames are made from acetate or metal and feature manual engravings inspired from the real world of goldsmiths. Each frame features unique engravings in different areas, from the temples to brow bar to end piece.

Tortuga, Aruba and Cuba feature a diamond coating on the end piece or on the brow bar. These designs are underlined by contrasting shaded colours - including sand/teal, cyclamen/transparent pink, smoky crystal/streaked grey.

In the Guadalupe model,there is an accentuated squared cat-eye shape, with green, purple, cream or black profiles that stand out on the transparent or shaded crystal base of the frame. We find the same chromatic concept in Martinica, with hexagonal lenses highlighted by touches of burgundy, blue, cream or sand.

The metal frames Paros and Samos are unisex and feature contemporary double bridges. The first has wide, round circles while the second has a clean, squared line.